News Nvidia Lines Up Six Keynote Speakers for Computex 2022


Oct 19, 2011
I feel like Nvidia wants "gamers and creators" to prop up their business after nearly 2 years of catering to the crypto miners. Not sure what they're planning with the Nvidia Omniverse thing, but I think they missed the boat. A lot of creators didn't increase their triangle counts, shader complexity, world sizes, and other things because of the GPU shortage hurting PC gaming.

Personally, I both game and create content for UE4 and VRChat. The RTX 30-series is dead to me. Obsolete and too expensive. I'm hoping to pick up an RTX 4070 if the pricing isn't set at MSRPs that assume gamers and creators will use the card for mining to cover some of the costs. With the ongoing crashing of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, those MSRP and sales prices need to come back down to where gaming consoles have set pricing expectations. Today's crypto-inflated prices are unrealistic.

I doubt Nvidia will say anything about the RTX 40-series at this event, even with that roster of speakers. The 30-series is now clogging up shelves at local electronics retailers because they're still priced for miners, not gamers and creators. Nvidia likes to talk -- their actions and the actions of their partners don't back up that talk right now.