News Nvidia Releases New Gamescom Game Ready Driver

Actually, this driver has been pulled back/off by NVIDIA, since it has one bug.

The driver does NOT give users option to avoid installing Nvidia's Geforce Experience software. Users of this driver will need to install the driver and then uninstall Geforce Experience, at least until Nvidia patches this issue.

Normally, users of Nvidia's driver can select the drivers "NVIDIA Graphics Driver" option to avoid Geforce Experience, but this time the option automatically installs the feature, leaving the option greyed out for those who attempt to manually disable the install.

Nvidia allows its users to avoid their Geforce Experience Software to stay in line with the EU's GDPR regulations, making this driver bug a violation of the EU's privacy laws. Hopefully, Nvidia will release a new version of Geforce 436.02 in the near future, as unconsented Geforce Experience installs are a major annoyance.

But the good news is that Nvidia's Sean Pelletier has confirmed that a bug-free version of this drive is releasing later today.