Question old PSU causes kernel power 41?

Apr 28, 2021

recently I had kernel power 41 happening a lot of time while playing warzone or doing some benchmark.

i tried almost every software-related solution. and also tried to downgrade the windows to older version and the problem still occur.
i didn't add any new component to the pc . so the pc component is the same since one or two year ago.

pc :
gpu : rtx 2070
cpu : i7-8700k
ram : corsair 2400 ddr4
psu : Huntkey Green power LW-6550HG
gpu fan : 212 evo

Unfortunately i dont have any spare unit to try it out. so i think will change the psu later today or something. i just wanted to ask if there is anything i can do more before doing that to make sure its a psu problem not a software or driver problem

worth mentioning that when i do fresh installation for windows the kernel power 41 comes with 10100 and 10110. so i disabled hid-compliant headset and now its only kernel power 41..

any advice in my situation ? thank you
Hi dhman925.

That PSU model was released October 2011. It's a 10 years old model.

It's not 550 watts. More like 450 watts.

This isn't in both PSU tier list and that PSU is 30 dollars. It's an extremely low quality PSU for a RTX 2070 and a 8700k system.

You play warzone and you're pushing the system and that PSU just can't and shutdown/reboot the system.

For a system like yours I would say a good model 650 watts (with headroom) PSU would be fine. At minimum a good model 550 watts. Not a 30 dollars huntkey green power PSU.