Question OMEN 800 desktop audio going through mic, even when audio is muted on headset

Sep 7, 2019
So this is really frustrating, as im sure many of you know how annoying it is to be on a call and hear yourself talk, because the other person doesn't have headphones on, or maybe their microphone is weirdly placed, or their audio is way too loud... except im doing NONE of those things, my audio is at a reasonable level, and my microphone extends out of the earcup, BUT STILL, somehow whoever im on call with, and no matter the software we're calling on they'll hear my game audio and their voice, and the crazy thing is that they still hear it even when I turn down the audio on my headset from the volume rocker on the cable, so I know this is a software issue, has anyone experienced this and knows how to fix it?

Im begging at this point because it feels like I've tried everything, is it possible I can just reset all audio settings to default and maybe it'll fix itself? or maybe there's a software I can use? any and all help is welcome and will be tested.

For clarification, my headset uses two jacks one 2.5mm for microphone and one 2.5mm for audio the headset also comes with a cable that I can plug both jacks into and it becomes one 3.5mm jack

Windows 10 latest update

if there are any questions or if you'd like me to clarify something please reach out.


Make and model headset?

Have you tried other headsets/mics on your computer?

Have you tried the existing headset/mic on other computers?

Determine if the problem follows the headset or stays with the computer.

Overall, my thought is that the current headset is using some proprietary pinout combination.

For more information:

For example if the headset is from Apple.....

The next suspect, in my mind, is the cable being used to connect (combine) the two 2.5mm plugs into a single (TR, TRS, TRRS?) plug that gets plugged into a 3.5 mm port on the hosting computer.
Sep 7, 2019
im not sure where to find the make and model but there's only one model of the OMEN 800

and no this is the first headset I got that isn't USB and I chose this one specifically because I hate USB headsets

I have no other PC to try this out on so for the time being no

what do you mean proprietary pinout combination?

so I looked at the chart and both audio and microphone is TRS while the included separate (im not sure what the opposite of a splitter cable is but that) combiner cable is TRRS but obviously, I only got audio-only and no microphone since its a desktop PC I've also tried both mobo jacks and front-facing jacks

so are there any solutions for me at all? honestly ill cut open my cable if i have to, just send me to a tutorial