Opened computer to clean


Mar 24, 2010

I have a dell xps 400 and I recently opened up the computer to clean the dust out. I unscrewed and took out the fan for the cpu to clean but I was wondering do I need to apply a thermal compound or something? There was thermal compound applied before, so I was wondering if I needed to purchase thermal compound and apply it again before replacing all the parts and fans and closing up the computer and starting up. Which thermal compound would I need to purchase for the Dell Xps 400? and how would I do this procedure?


Yes.. If you took the CPU fan off, you will need to apply new thermal compound. Also, you'll need to clean the old thermal compound off both your CPU and CPU Fan. Isoproply alcohol on a lint free rag is the best method to remove the thermal compound... IMO

I would purchase Arctic Silver 5 (AS5) for about $7. Apply a pie size dot in the middle of the CPU and apply the CPU fan back on. You should be good to go with that part of the cleaning process.