Organizing computer after os reinstallation


Feb 1, 2010
so my computer was running great until i started dowloading stuff for a overclock on my gpus. i got like rivatuner, cpu-z, hw-monitor, and bunch of other garbage like prime95. then my harddrive crashed. reboot error came up and and no boot drive available or somthing like that. took me a month and i was playing around in the bios and i hit reset to default settings and somehow im back up. but there was all this garbage on here so i decided to just start clean by purging the system. installed the os all updates, drivers but a couple things just arent the same. first thing i noticed was that a couple desktop pictures and profile images were not there, not a big deal. then a task bar used to pop down from the top of my screen whenever my mouse hovered over it. is there something im missing i DL all the disks that came with it and nothing. and when i was reinstalling my os i chose my main hd c: to DL it to and it said it was backing up my info or sumthing and it was in a folder called windows.old. i cant find it does anyone know if that data exists or did i just read this wrong? any help is welcome and appreciated thx -kamikazi


It should be in the root directory of the drive Windows is installed on, usually C:
When you get your files out of there you can delete it.
Removing Windows old
If you want to remove that Windows.old folder from Drive C: of your Windows Vista installation.
Go to Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup.
In "Which files to clean up" dialog - Click on "Files from all users on this computer".
Select the Drive where your Windows.old is.
In Disk Cleanup dialog, select Previous Windows installation(s) in the "Files to delete" list. Click on OK.