Origin PC Millennium: 3-Way SLI And A 4.6 GHz Core i5

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youssef 2010

Jan 1, 2009
The fact that you're reviewing this on TH is very funny.I don't think anyone on TH is willing to pay $700 for tech support. This article proves that the forums alone can save you a LOT of money.


Apr 3, 2009
Hmm. "Noise" and "cost" ... I'd be tempted to benchmark my recently completed HTPC with very similar components completed at far less cost and fully watercooled with MB & thermal capacity for SLI-ing nVidia 660Ti/2GB's; I doubt that there'd be a significant difference. I've got tons of thermal and overclocking headroom. http://www.mbaalt.com/Baby%20Photos.html. By incorporating 2x200mm fans (I/O), 2xNexus silent 120's on XSPC/240RX, and SwifTech with PWM, the rig with 1x2TB plus 1x3TB both at 7200RPM is silent within its Fractal Define R4BW case. Point, Game, Set, Match.
[citation][nom]quangluu96[/nom]Agree, since I'm lazy to build my own, I just head off to cyberpower and get myself a GTX 680, 8GB ram an i5 3570k for around 1300$[/citation]

I'd rather build my own system for $1000 and get two GTX 670s or two Radeon 7950s and a good enough CPU cooler for some overclocking. The rest of the components could still be as good as or better than most good $1300 prebuilts and that's including customized builds from most sites.

[citation][nom]bryonhowley[/nom]So not only are we paying way to much for it we get a inferior out dated slower obsolete OS that we would have to spend more money on just to bring it up to date with Windows 8.[/citation]

Windows 7s isn't much cslowing at all in most games and is not obsolete at all. Windows Vista isn't obsolete either and even XP, a more than ten years old OS, is only barely obsolete.
[citation][nom]BulkZerker[/nom]I dunno, when Toms (I think) Did a scaling test with a quartet of 5770s the scaling was fine out to 3 cards, the 4th smoothed it out but only boosted performance around 20% so 5% overhead? Not too shabby.[/citation]

It depends on the game (even on settings and resolution to a lesser extent), drivers, GPUs, PCIe lanes, and more. Generally, two GPUs scale excellently with a third being hit or is and a fourth being hit or miss to make even a somewhat noticeable impact in performance.
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