Oct 31, 2009
Hi guys just wondering if any1 could help me here , i just started overclocking yesterday my e6850 and got got to 3.5gig np with no heat issues aswell , but this morning im having a weird problem , after a cold boot , the computer wont start and goes back to factory defaults in bios , but if i change it back in bios to overclocked settings and save and exit bios , it will boot and run fine , but if i do a cold restart it will fail at boot and turn my bios back to factory settings , if thats to hard to follow ill try make it easier . ok i will setup bios for overclocking and it will run all day no problem . If i reboot it will work fine everytime . if i shutdown fully , then start up it will halt at memory test and turn bios back to default settings , what am i missing here why is it doing this ?


Sep 10, 2009
I used to have a problem with this, and it turned out that my RAM wasn't stable at the speed I set it, so i turned down the FSB/RAM ratio. Try lowering the FSB/RAM ratio to get lower RAM clock speeds, use your standard overclock settings for everything else and see if the problem persists