Overclocking old hardware


Aug 16, 2009
Well ive got my old P4 rig and it seems that i cant really get much more then 3.3GHz out of it. It's a 478 socket Prescott core with a stock speed of 3GHz i know i cant change the multiplier because its locked some im stuck raising the FSB. But its not due to my inexperience in overclocking its just that if i got any higher than 1.424v the system fails to even show a picture let alone the post screen. I've got a crappy mobo (ASUS P4S800) but I know thats not the case cause i got my old 2.53GHz northwood to 4GHz on this board. I'm just asking for any tips on what i could do to get a higher OC out of this good old P4 chip.

(Oh BTW, at 3.4GHz the system will boot up run prime95 fine but most of my actual games will crash, but once its back down to 3.3GHz its perfectly stable.)

Thanks in advance!

(Edit: The CPU is a D0 stepping in case that was needed to clarify anything)