Jul 22, 2009
I'm new to this site (only like 4 days, but it's amazing!) so forgive me, haha. I'm going to apologize in advance because I know these questions would have been answered a million times. Well, perhaps not a million, but you get the idea. I'll first start off by saying what I have in my system.

Motherboard - M2R32-MVP ATX AMD Xpress 3200
CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Windsor (2.4ghz)
Ram - OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 ATI CrossFire Dual Channel 4*1GB
Video Card - ATI Radeon 1950XTX 512MB
PSU - 550Watt Mushkin something-or-other.

I guess what I'm wondering is, how do I overclock properly? I mean, I've never changed any settings on anything except for the video card. I changed only the "core" and "memory" portion of it using ati-tools (I guess fan speed as well, lol). I've been reading up on how to overclock my CPU (I increased it from 200 to 235 and increased the vcore from 1.3xxx to 1.4xxx and it was stable) I kept the multiplier at 12, since it wont let me go higher, and I guess keeping it at 12 would be best. I am going to go higher soon, because I have a better CPU fan now. A Zalman or something along that line.

From just that, my three questions would be:
1.) Do I ever need to increase the voltage to my video cards? If so, why? (I guess that's 2 questions, oops, lol.)
2.) Would you say a "safe" amount of vcore would be low 1.6? (I know there is no such thing as a "safe" amount, but I'm sure you know what I mean.)
3.) Is my PSU enough to run all of this so far?

Now, I've read about stuff including the ram. Changing ram timings and what-nots. I guess I'll make a list of questions right below:
1.) What benefit would there be for me to overclock ram?
2.) How do you overclock ram? If you can, explain what each thing means for overclocking ram.

Lastly, for overclocking purposes, what are the only things I should change while overclocking all of the above?

I think that's just about everything I can currently think of, as I need to get some sleep, lol. Thanks so much for your help!
1) You don't need to overclock your video card, unless you choose so.
2) I do not exceed 10% of the regular vcore voltage for longevity of the processor.
3) Your PSU is fine.

1) Normally you end up overclocking your RAM as a result of the increase in FSB.