Please can someone help me to overclock my q6600? I have read tha it is possible to get 3.4Ghz just on air cooling alone? Is this true? If so, i need help on the know-how as i can get upto 2.871Ghz and that seems to be the limit? I have an ASUS P5k Deluxe, OCZ 800mhz RAM, 8800GTS 512mb and i bought another heatsink and fan recommended to me for great overclocking potential. I have fiddled with the mobo settings but i'm not so upto date with all the new settings available to me.

Please help if possible.

In the BIOS change:

FSB to 333Mhz
RAM Manualy set to 800Mhz
RAM timings and voltage to recomended
CPU Voltage to 1.35v

If it is not stable, raise your CPU Voltage to a max of 1.5v.
If that does not make it stable, drop your RAM to a 1:1 ratio with the FSB (667Mhz with a 333Mhz FSB).
Test stability with prime95.


Start by setting your RAM to DDR2-667 speed to match your FSB. There's not much point to running RAM faster than the FSB datarate can handle.

PS - Of course, first check out the overclocking guides found as forum stickies here.