P4 confusion for me.. Difference between 3.2E, etc


Aug 30, 2004

Interested in upgrading. Got two questions...

What in the heck is the difference between the P4 3.2E and the P4 3.2 540? And while we're on the subject what about the P4 3.2C?

Newegg prices the 3.2E at at $239, the 3.2 540 at $245, and the 3.2C at $289.

I know the 3.2C and 3.2E are socket 478 while the 540 is socket 775...

But there must be some speed difference to make the Northwood 3.2C be more expensive than the Prescott 3.2E and prescott 3.2 540?

Also, if the 3.2 540 is alike the other two, whats the difference in motherboard? Does the socket 775 mobos have better chipsets or something?

Any info is appreciated....

Also, not to add more to the fire, but I have an athlon 2500+ overclocked like hell to 3200+ speeds, running at 200/400 fsb. Would it be much of an upgrade to get the P4 3.2something and mobo and of course overclock that?

Thanks, sorry for the ugly post.

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The P4e and the 540 are bothe Prescotts. They have additional pipelines to allow for future higher chip speads. It doesn't help now, due to severe leakage current. Scotties also have twice the cache, SSE3 support, and the ability to convincingly imitate a baseboard heater. At present, the only big plus for socket 755 is the price.
In general, an xp 3200+ is 10% slower than the P4c. In certain Intel optomized progs, the difference can be higher. In gaming, the difference is slightly less.
Upgrading from an xp-2500+ @ 3200+ speeds, would be a waste of money. Upgrading to an A64- 3200+ would also be a waste, but it would be more fun.


Aug 30, 2004
Thanks. I think Ill save my money for when the athlonFX's drop way down, even if its a year or more. Seems like thats the only way the money will be worth the performance boost.

but its fine with me


Aug 2, 2002
Athlon FX will never drop in price...

There is 1 Athlon FX at anytime for sale, and it is sold around 699$US. When the Athlon FX-51 came out, it was sold at 699$US, then the FX-53 replaced it and it is now sold at 699$US when the FX-55 will be out, it will be sold at 699$US and the FX-53 will be discontinued...

The Athlon FX line is "la crème de la crème" of AMD CPU. It is why AMD make only 1 FX at a time. <A HREF="http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/ProductInformation/0,,30_118_609,00.html?redir=CPT301" target="_new">Check the AMD pricing</A>. You will only see 1 FX chip, unless AMD change their politics, you will never see 2 FX on this page.

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Aug 1, 2003
the current advantage of 775 is the option of ddrII-667mhz ram, highspeed 64-bit pci raidcontrollers and yeah sometime they'll probrably make the 16xbandwidth graphicscards worthwhile, but probrably not in the lifetime of that socket. I'd say; stay with your current system and upgrade your GPU instead

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