P5B deluxe OC issue


Apr 27, 2007
I finally got my pc, so I paied 25$ for them to assemble it, got the OS up and running. I play some games, runs fine, then i goto into the bios. I change the FSB to 800 and put the vcore to 1.4v since that's what it's supposed to be at I heard a few places. I save the changes then i see the black screen. No worries, i just would reset the bios. Still, I keep geting a black screen without beeps reguardless if the keyboard is in.

Now I also have OCZ gold PC26400 ram, and from what I've heard, this ram is particularly picky or something, and if I reverted back to defaults, the ram would not get enough voltage. I for one wish the damn packaging said how much voltage it needed. Any ideas?


Mar 9, 2006
How did you reset the bios? I have the same motherboard, you should be able to recover from a failed overclock by powering down the computer at the main power and restarting. Simply power down the computer at the main power on the back of you're power supply. If it has no switch at the back unplug it and plug it back in. If you're computer is not damaged this should get you back up.

When you say you set the fsb to 800 what do you mean. In my bios the fsb frequency is labeled as cpu frequency. That number by default is at 266 which is then multiplied by 4 to arrive at a final fsb frequency of 1066. If I had set it to 800 that would be asking the fsb to run at 3200 and my computer to run at 9*800 or 7.2 ghz.

Here is an overclocking guide with actual screenshots of a p5bdlx.

If it is you're memory you were running at 800 you should be able to safely try it at 2.1 volts. Here at OCZ's site it states that ocz gold 6400 is warrantied at 2.1 volts.

And on a final note it wouldn't hurt for you to include you're full specs in a thread like this.


Jun 6, 2007
ya either you fried the cpu or u did not reset the bios lol

i really doubt you fried it so do what no1sfanboy said and power off the power supply, worse case is just take out the cmos battery for 5 mins, that'll reset it for sure.

also a friendly tip: don't just set the fbs and vcore according to WHAT OTHERS SAID, that is the stupidest thing ever. go with the proper procedures:

1. up fsb until unstable
2. up vcore until stable
3. repeat 1 and 2 until no further vcore upping will make it stable.

there are more tricks but thats what you SHOULD do, never ever just bump it like crazy and expect it to work, you could easily fry your chip.

and what are your pc specs?