Apr 5, 2012
Greetings all,

Trying to figure out if I got taken by the guy at the PC shop. I went in looking to see what they had for parts. I asked if they had any of the ivy bridge CPUs in, they didn't. But they had everything else i wanted. Hey pushed this motherboard (ASUS P8H67-v (rev3.0)) on me and said and I quote "I will give you a deal on this mother board, and it supports the new ivy bridge." So i looked at it and it said right on the box "Future intel ready 22nm CPU." So it had all the features i wanted. So i bought it for a good price. In my haste i orderd ( the I5 3550 ivy bridge, now the question is...... did I screw up? will i need to upgrade the BIOS first. Or did ASUS already do that.. Please guys a little help here...Just let me know if i should just return the MOBO. Thanks guys :>)