Packard bell problems with freeze


Aug 16, 2010
Hi there

I was wondering if anyone knew the problem with my computer? :)

I bought it back in january this year, only after 2 months of usage it started with random freezes. Well it wasn't working from day 1 for 100% it all started with me streaming videos on youtube for example and the screen just went black and I had to turn it off at the button. These problems has now stopped however it's much worse now. Every time since march when I start my computer it can take up to 20 minutes before I can do anything at the desktop or what so ever, and I also cannot browse the internet or other stuff without heavy freezing. However there are things like teamspeak, MSN, various games that isn't freezing or well even tho they do get frozen sometimes I can still while my browser being badly frozen I can tab into a game and play it without any problems at all, I can also stay on msn and talk there etc.

So it's like the computer freezes but not to 100% it's only certain programs that freezes. I know that it has nothing to do with me running too many programs since it doesn't matter if I got browser up and 324242532432 other games and stuff up at the same time it will still freeze if I only have the browser up. this effects almost everything except for games, msn, teamspeak and those kinds of problems, or well it happens but not that often and not for very long.

I have no idea what the problem can be I've asked some friends etc if they knew anything and most of them said it's either my graphic card, memory or harddrive that's broken or perhaps something wrong with the drivers.

Graphics - I doubt that it's the issue since I can run wow on 1920x1080 without any problems at all. ( almost all the time )

Memories - I doubt this aswell since games are working fine (almost all the time )

Harddrive - This I ain't sure about if it's the problem but I've ran a disc controll and it didn't help so I don't think that's the problem.

Drivers - I've checked if there was any updated drivers for this computer components but it said that everything as working fine and that there wasn't any new drivers for it.

Windows - If there's anything wrong in the windows installation since it was pre-installed or (OEM) I didn't recieve a win7 disc when I bought the computer, however I do have an XP disc with serial number and now I was thinking what if I install the XP on the packard bell? The problem is that I have to download the drivers from packard bells website however they do not have any specific XP drivers only for various versions of vista and win7 with my computer model. So now my question is if I would install XP can I run the operative system with for example vista or win7 drivers ?

I've also tried to recover it but it doesn't work everything it does when I try to recover it with the packard bell recovery management is that it says that the harddrives configuration does not match the original settings ( or whatever it says ) something like that and it shuts down again.

So here's what I cannot do on my own right now.

Recover the computer.
Reinstall windows 7.
Get drivers made for XP to my computer.


Oct 25, 2010
have you sorted your problem? i have an iextreme pakbel and it randomly semi freezes and its starting to drive me mad!!!


Jul 23, 2012

Did you have a solution? I have the same problem. Thanks in advance.
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