Feb 10, 2009
So in my other post, i told you about an new system that i plan to build with a budget of around $1000 U.S. Then i thought, wouldn't it be cheaper to just upgrade the parts that improve frame rates, since i plan to use the new computer for games. I currently have a Dell XPS 4shitty, i mean 420, with 3gb ddr2 800mhz ram, a crappy stock dell motherboard with only 1 pciex16 slot that came with the comp, a gt 8800 graphics card (was decent 1-2 years ago), a 450 watt stock dell power supply (i know, its pretty sad), and an Intel E6850 3GHz cpu with 4KB L2 cache (don't really think its that great but it'll do).

The upgrades i plan to make are on the graphics card and power supply. Im gonna swap the gt 8800 for either a gtx 280/285 or an ATI 4870 X2. The question is, is the ATI card compatible with my current setup? Or, will i have to stick to nVidia?

Of course, the weak 450 watt power supply will be upgraded to a PC Power & Cooling 750W ATX12V (if you have a better suggestion for a power supply at a lower price, please post it).