Question PC crashes when playing games with other apps open ?

Sep 18, 2022
So this has been going on a while but it’s recently got quite bad. It depends on what game I’m playing, for example overwatch will crash 3/4 times a match but will go hours without crashing playing call of duty black ops cold war, yet call of duty modern warfare will crash within seconds of playing.

When it crashes I get one of two things, the screen goes black and turns back on itself, with the game not responding when it comes back on. In event viewer it says
"nvlddmkm.sys stopped working and couldn’t recover" or something similar. I tried reseating graphics card, resetting bios, doing stuff like sfc/scannow with no errors and checking disk.

Another crash I get is when it crashes it goes a solid colour and the audio distorts, forcing me to restart the computer and it works fine after that.

While troubleshooting myself I noticed this only happens when I have Spotify and Discord open.

I borrowed a power supply from one of my friends pcs so it definitely works fine, yet it didn’t fix my issue.

PC components:
ASUS prime a320m-k
Ryzen 5 2600
2x8gb 3000mhz Ballistix Ram
1TB seagate HDD
256GB SSD (with Windows installed on it)
500W EVGA power supply

Any help would be appreciated cause this is very annoying
Hey there,

You might try test your memory outside of Windows, using memtest 86+. You can create a bootable USB drive, with memtest on it, and then boot to that drive at startup. Run it for 4 passes. If you get any errors, it means your ram is failing/faulty.

So, which exact PSU do you have? EVGA 500w is a little vague. It could potentially cause issues. What make and model PSU did you try from your friend?

Also, what bios are you running? New bios update can bring mem compatibility and bug fixes. It might be worth a look.
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Sep 18, 2022
Sorry for the late reply, was away so didn’t have access to the PC. Currently running memtest86 and just about to go to sleep so I’ll leave it on overnight. The power supply I have is a 500W 80 plus standard power supply, with my friends being the same but 600W. Bios haven’t been updated since I got the pc but i will try to update them to tomorrow. Will reply with memtest results in the morning, thank you