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  1. F

    Question My pc boot but no display

    Now my pc was working fine but since weak when i try start it i was geting random black screen but pc seem to work fine and i can hear that windows start from my speakers (after welcome screen on windows) and on motherboard vga light is on And in this case i should restart pc many time to get...
  2. D

    Question Video crashes and returns seconds later, no BSOD

    Hello all, first thread here so hopefully I'm doing this correctly. This issue started two months ago. Occasionally (3-5 times a week), I get full video crashes on my Windows 10 PC while gaming but the video returns about 20-30 seconds later. It's when I'm in the middle of the game, not when...
  3. M

    Build Advice Do I have to worry about bottlenecks with this specification?

    Is Ryzen 5 5600G enough to power my ultrawide monitor(LG 34Wn750-B 34 Inches (3440 X 1440) ), or should I buy a separate graphics card? Purpose: Coding and multi tasking (not for gaming) The setup I need is only for research, so it would have to be budget friendly.
  4. Itliq

    Question Used GPU, is this artifacting caused by faulty GPU or FSR?

    Just got a used Sapphire RX 6600 today. It still has nearly 3 years of warranty but I've noticed this weird glitch/ artifact happening in cyberpunk, is this GPU's fault and I should give it back? Or is it some known FSR issue since it only happens with FSR on. The card physically looks perfect...
  5. F

    Question No display on 3060, but confirmed working - ultimate troubleshooting nightmare.

    TL;DR: System works with my old 1660 Super, but not my 3060. Had the 3060 sent for testing and they have confirmed it is working in their system. My specs: PSU: Deepcool DQ 650W MOBO: MSI Pro B660m-a (Brand new) RAM: 4x8GB Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz (Brand new) GPU: Zotac RTX 3060 12GB CPU: i5...
  6. mahowu

    Question G-SYNC - FreeSync A Faulty Monitor Or A Dying Video Card ?

    Hello, starting 2 days ago my pc started to do something wrong, first of all, my setup has 2 monitors and only 1 of them is manifesting this problem. Since 2 days ago, while I play or watch something on youtube or twitch on my main monitor which is a DELL S2419HGF 144hz goes randomly black...
  7. Gertossobroek

    Question RTX 3060 Fans spinning, but no display.

    Hi! i just bought an rtx 3060 and installed it. When i start my pc, my fans are spinning but the LED doesn't turn on and i get "no signal" from my monitor. Anyone knows how i fix this? and how i can use my 3060? Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Asus TUF B450-plus 550 Watt power supply
  8. SebastianNzn

    [SOLVED] [solved] Monitor losing signal

    First of all, hello everyone as it's my first post on TH forum. (Wasn't sure which subforum it fits best, so do apologize if post on wrong one) I'm looking for some clues helping me to solve problem with monitor switching off due 'no signal' after few seconds/minutes... System: win 11/ any...
  9. H

    Question Need help please with second monitor

    Hey guys i normally game on a monitor but i been gaming on a oled tv for a few months now. I have run into a problem where red flickering pixels plague the screen and it constanly connects and disconnects. I have tried the following Reseated graphic card/ ram and cpu Turning it off and on...
  10. I

    Question Light sources in-game are too bright, graphical issues

    Is my GPU dying or something? Or is this some sort of driver issue? I updated my Nvidia drivers a while back then I noticed this started happening, but I updated it again a few days ago using clean installation(on the nvidia wizard, not DDU). The first 2 pictures were the first ones that...
  11. alarbcoin

    Question CPU integrated graphics not working

    Hi I have an external graphics card, and currently I bought a new monitor for stream , and when I wanted to use the internal card of my processor, the device no longer works after activating the feature from the bios.It is restarts itself every few seconds and fails to boot every time . The...
  12. C

    Question (i dont know if this is the right spot to put this) Motherboard beeping, not posting possibly cpu/mobo/graphic's card issue?

    Hi, so today i attempted to upgrade my cpu from a ryzen 3 3200G to a ryzen 5 4500, upon taking the ryzen 3 out i bent some of the pins by accident due to the thermal paste drying after many many years and being really hard to pull off, i thought this was no biggie as i had no use for this ryzen...
  13. A

    Question Which of these GCs (AMD RX 6600, RX 6600XT, RX 6650XT) make a good pair with this CPU config?

    Recently my good old GC GTX 1050Ti gave up and I am looking for a new GC in the market. My CPU and Motherboards are too old and so I am having doubts whether I can use any of the GCs mentioned above. These are available cheaper compared with Nvidia version of 3050 or 3060 in my country. I...
  14. graphic2312222

    Question Graphic card spinning so fast

    I built a new pc yesterday and whenever I turn on the pc, then the graphics card will just spin way too fast and sound like a vacuum. Also, I couldn't enter bios as well, I tried to unplug everything and plug in again, but still couldn't work. Here's my spec: CPU: Intel Core i5-12400...
  15. T

    Question Games look blurry/out of focus on my new pc

    Hello! I have just bought an entirely new setup, new rig and monitor. My issue is that the games I run on it all seem to be blurry, soft and out of focus. My specs: RTX 3060 12GB I5 10400F 2.9 GHZ 16GB RAM Monitor: Asus TUF VG248Q1B 1920*1080 165Hz I messed around with the manufacturer...
  16. Josh27482

    Question Struggling to get fps from new 3060 ti gpu

    Hi guys I recently got a 3060ti graphics card. After playing some warzone 2 with it, the fps seemed to be struggling. To make it even weirder I watched a video of a guy testing different gpus on warzone and one of them was the 3060ti. I copied his exact settings (which he was getting 100+ fps...
  17. 1

    Question AMD build 6900 XT stuttering and screen tearing help?

    i switched everything from intel to amd and since than on my 6900 XT i been getting nothin but sutters and screen tearing i tried changing things up in the amd settings to trying different drivers than ended up reverting back to the latest driver i even tested out my RTX 2080 TI on this mobo and...
  18. The9Ghost

    Question Help with rx 6600 xt Red devil

    I removed my Red Devil 6600 xt to dust it but notice that capacitor not in his place (I think) and i can move it a little with my finger . Is it safe to install the card and use it again? Another photo of...
  19. SulofShadow

    Question Gliches when open a game!

    Hello! When I open RDR2 and League of Legends, just glithces the escreen. Only happen with this 2 games, but in LOL when you get back to de desktop, the bug dissapear, but I don't have this luck with RDR2 and the bug don't let me play. This is the link to watch the problem: Google Drive link...
  20. Feitu

    [SOLVED] Driver power state failure

    I am starting to have a driver power state failure. After the PC resets. My GTX 1650 is no longer "connected" as well as another copy of Intel UHD 630 (these 2 graphics devices are only visible when checking the "show hidden devices"). Only one intel UHD 630 is working (see attached image). I...
  21. H

    Question Graphics card doesn't output

    so, i bought this old graphic's card and am trying to use it on my system, but it doesn't output. drivers are installed, the interface is correct and it was working correctly till yesterday. it shows on device manager, but doesn't output to my monitor
  22. Lowegb

    Question PC crashes when playing games with other apps open ?

    So this has been going on a while but it’s recently got quite bad. It depends on what game I’m playing, for example overwatch will crash 3/4 times a match but will go hours without crashing playing call of duty black ops cold war, yet call of duty modern warfare will crash within seconds of...
  23. 001Wolf

    Question PC turns on for split second and turns off

    I recently installed a new graphic card Gigabyte GTX 660ti on my pc, which had Geforce 210. For a week or so after installing GTX 660ti, it was working fine, but then I had to install a new hard disk on the pc, while doing so the pc stopped turning on. When I press the power button, the CPU fan...
  24. iScreambyte

    Question Is my ryzen 3 3100 bottlenecking my rx6700 xt?

    I just bought a new sapphire rx 6700 xt and installed it in an existing system with r3 3100. Today the first game i tested was rdr2. I set everything to ultra with 1080p 144hz and noticed i was getting nearly 50 to 55, even 45 in deep woods. I then checked benchmark videos on yt and everyone is...
  25. indouswr

    Question Monitor no signal (then goes black) but I can still hear audio ?

    So I just build this pc a little more than a week ago, 4 days ago the problem starts happening, my monitor would go to black screen then no signal then black again when the gpu is under heavy load (I think, because everything was fine when i was just watching YouTube or small stuff and I was...
  26. Aden Howerton

    Question Monitor freezes for a few seconds every few seconds

    So just recently I decided to download a bunch of new drivers for my pc, but once I finished doing that my pc has now started to freeze for a few seconds every few seconds. So I was wondering what kind of drivers would be the reason for all of this freezing. Some of the freezing lets my mouse...
  27. D

    Question Gpu fan noise and plastic smell, doesn't go beyond 400 Rpm while gaming, overheating upto 87C causing fps drop

    My gpu Zotac Rtx 2060 6gb GDDR6 is making weird fan noise (buzzing, clicking and some sort of crunchy noises) it is also giving off some weird plastic smell while both idle and and during gaming (it also gave some burning smell a few days ago), the fans rpm doesn't go beyond 400 while both idle...
  28. Fqdez

    Question displayport not being detected... tried 2 different monitor with 2 different cables each.

    i currently have a OEM motherboard by gigabyte, and a manufacturer 3070 ti. whenever i connect a displayport, my monitor(s) only show the bios/boot and when the computer is started it goes black. i tried all 3 of my displayport ports and none of them seem to work, so its obviously a problem with...
  29. D

    Question Gpu fans rpm less than 400 while both idle and during gaming, overheating and fps drops

    As the title says, my gpu is working in a weird way, during gaming it gives the same gpu fans rpm as it was in idle and doesn't response to Afterburner or any other program that could increase the fans speed. I tried many things such as updating drivers, tried using the old ones as well but...
  30. B

    Question Graphics problem in certain games

    Hey everyone, I have a problem and I hope someone can help me solve it. My problem looks like this: View: I was playing World of Warcraft and Monster Hunter: World without any problems at all, in League of Legends this problem would appear on the start of a new game...
  31. Lasith

    Question Mouse pointer acting weird on Adobe applications ?

    As you can see, when I click on the eraser tool the screen goes insane. I have tried almost every possible solutions including drive update, reinstalling PS, installing different version even changing the mouse pointer icon. But after some time this issue popped up in the MS office application...
  32. A

    Question Flickering shadows, jumping around in a spicky patteren in all of my games. Text glitching as well?

    Hi I have a desktop PC with an Nvidia GTX 1080ti strix graphiccard. Here's a speccy: I have some interesting trouble, and I am afraid my graphiccard might be dying or something like it. Here's some images and video's of the trouble...
  33. H

    Question RX 580 8 GB crashing issue

    Hi I had an R9 390 4 GB which has been running fine without any issues and with the latest drivers installed, but unfortunately, that card died some days ago. And now I have Asus RX 580 8 GB. When I installed RX 580 I didn't remove drivers, so I kept playing games with the drivers of R9 390 4...
  34. RaspberryTea

    Question Different colors on recording and actual desktop.

    Hello! Can someone tell me how and why desktop on recording has much better and depth colors than the actual desktop? I have amd card and Asus vg259 monitor.
  35. M

    Question HDMI Switcher for PC and console

    I have recently bought a 10 M hdmi2 cable and now I'm running out of HDMI input I want to buy a HDMI Switcher does it damage any components? I use a 1080monitor and a VGA 720p monitor for my PC both connected directly to the monitor, I also want to connect my ps5 to the TV so I need 3 in bout...
  36. inpain

    Question FIFA 21 glitching and crashing & other games simply crashing ?

    From what I found on the internet, these errors seem to be related to controllers on pc but I'm using keyboard and mouse only. Since yesterday, I whenever I try to play FIFA 21, the game glitches on the kit selection screen and an error ( pops up crashing the game. If I...
  37. vulpix

    [SOLVED] How to repair gpu after failed flash?

    My gtx 1070 randomly stopped working. The monitor would go black and the fans would get very loud. After restarting it said please power down and connect the pci cables. I got a new psu and it still did not work so I tried flashing it to a newer gpu bios. Now when I start the pc the monitor just...
  38. suamed

    [SOLVED] Black Screen, No Signal while on game

    Hi I got a problem with my gpu. So i got 750 Ti Digital Alliance, very happy about it, not until some issues come in. some issues already fixed, now i got another one. which is black screen then monitor's off first of all my spec is not that good, but good enough for the gpu Core i3 3240...
  39. DClark0776

    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] CUDA Rendering in Adobe Premier makes 2 monitors turns black and go to sleep - Occasionally windows drop resolution after restart.

    Good Evening Everyone! I hope you are doing well! These past couple of weeks have been so frustrating trying to render a 4K video using CUDA in Adobe Premiere Pro 2022. Whenever I render a video, both of my monitors instantly turn off and go to sleep (in the meantime I can hear the windows...
  40. heykingajy

    Question My GPU keeps resetting my monitor back to 60hz after a while when I'm gaming ?

    ive been having this issue for a long time, i kinda just learned to deal with it i haven't been playing games as much recently so i kinda forgot about the issue, and it doesn't happen with most lightweight games, but i recently got back into fortnite and it happens SO often on that game, and it...