Question Pc freezes, screen flickers. Hardware detection sound plays.

Sep 6, 2019
Hi all.

My screen starts to flicker randomly. There isn't a pattern to it. Every time it does, the pc freezes. Sometimes it's a split second, sometimes 20 seconds. I can't move the mouse and the keyboard doesn't react either (e.g capslock won't turn on). Furthermore, every time it flickers, i hear the windows Hardware detection sound, as if you were to plug in and out a usb device.

First i thought it was a GPU issue, so i uninstalled the drivers with DDU and reinstalled them (different driver version). It didn't help. Also, at some point when i was tinkering around with driver and restarted the pc, my CPU was suddenly sitting at around 80% load while in standby/not doing anything. Everything felt slow-motion. Sound playback was stuttering. Every time i moved my mouse, the CPU jumped up to 100% load. Several restarts didn't help.

Only after i finished installing the drivers of the GPU, restarted a few times in Safe-Mode etc. at some point it went back to normal. I also tried to restore to a Restore Point where the issue wasn't present. I thought it might was a windows update or something similar, so i disabled them. Worked at first, but not long after it started again.

Yesterday i reseated the RAM (Switch slots, just in case), the GPU, changed the PCI-E Power cable (Modular PSU) and generally just cleaned the pc. It worked fine at first. Even played games for 2 hours. Left the pc running over night, and at some point it started doing it again.

I'm seriously at a loss here and any help would be appreciated. The next thing i will try is using the Intel onboard GPU, and see if that helps. My guess right now is either GPU or CPU (but really, how often do cpu's break?)

Intel I5 4670K
Radeon R9 390
EVGA 850W Gold + PSU (i know, overkill. Was on sale)
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