Question Pc freezing with loud buzzing sound and then it turns on only after several tries

Jun 11, 2020
I've been recently having this issue for which the pc completely freezes with a loud buzzing noise from the speakers, the only thing I can do is hard reset, but then the pc has problems to turn on, it shuts down shortly after I press the power button, without any beep sound, only after several tries it will actually turn on.

This pc has been used for many years without a single problem, the difference is that I've been recently playing and streaming Destiny 2 (lowest settings, 1080p 60fps, vsync and frame rate limith both activated), so I was wondering if that stressed out the cpu, the gpu or the ssd. I've already checked thermal paste and that's still well applied, but maybe can it anyway be an overheating problem? The fans are quite loud especially while gaming, I checked the temperatures and the average for the cpu is 60° C.

My specs:
CPU: i7-5930K 3.5GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
RAM: Corsair 16GB
Motherboard: Asus X99 Deluxe
SSD: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500 GB
PSU: Antec VP500PC 500W
I have had these components for four years
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