Pc hang and shutdown when watching video


Nov 9, 2011
hey guys :)
at first, the pc started giving me a blue screen - ati2dvag..the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop
whenever i surf the web or view videos, the pc will hang and then shut itself down.

then i uninstalled the whole of the display driver thing (ati) and the computer seem to work fine. pc doesnt hang or shut down when watching videos or anything.

after that, i installed the display driver again
link: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Legacy/Pages/radeonaiw_xp.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
and the problem came back.
i was watching a video on youtube and the pc hang and shuts down again in less than a minute.

so now, i am not sure where the problem lies.