Question Pc Reboots When Launching Games


Jun 6, 2015
So i just purchased a custom rig 3 weeks back and everything seemed to be fine until a few days ago. When playing Deadside i noticed after a short time my pc would reboot itself. I tried multiple “fixes” but nothing work, so i figured it was the game and uninstalled. Now with New World i launch it and before i even see the main menu my pc would reboot itself. I tried a few different things and then randomly it started to let me play. I probably put 15hrs into that game off and on and then last night while playing it randomly rebooted my pc. Now i am having the same problem as before where if i launch the game it reboots my pc.

Thinking this was bad i started monitoring temps. My gpu never went about 70c but the cpu was hitting 88-92c. Initially i was concerned but according to articles this is normal temps for a Ryzen 9 5950x. I am completely stumped and could use some help. Specs below.

No this is not the New World bricking graphics cards issue cause it happened on deadside too and i locked my fps to 60 and it still does it.

Case- Lian Li PC-011
Cpu- Ryzen 9 5950x
Cpu fan- coolermaster a71c 120mm
Memory- 32gb ddr4/4000mhz
Psu- 1,000watt power supply
Gpu- gigabyte rtx 3090

Things i have tried:
  1. Redownloading game
  2. Messing with firewall settings
  3. Starting games as admin
  4. Resetting bios to default