Question PC Shutting Down, CPU Or GPU?


Aug 8, 2011
My PC will boot up normally but as soon as I launch a game or watch a 4K video, my PC just shuts down. Under normal use (internet browsing, etc.), the CPU is at 30-40°C. The fans for the CPU (H100i GTX) is set to auto and it stays at 3,000 RPM whenever my PC is on (it was NOT like this before, it used to vary RPM according to temps). I reapplied Artic MX-4 to it and there is NO difference. Under normal use (internet browsing, etc.), the GPU is at 40-50°C. The fans for the GPU is set to custom and I do NOT notice anything out of the ordinary and it does have the latest drivers. I did use compressed air to clean the entire PC. My room is set at 72°F (22.2°C). The last thing I can think of is the power supply but its functioning like normal. I had this PC for almost 4 years now with little to no problems (except a lot of heat from AMD products!!). On the motherboard, it displays "AA" but when it shuts down, it displays "FF". Thanks!

AMD FX-9590
AMD Asus STRIX R9 390X
Corsair RM750i
Corsair H100i GTX
Kingston HyperX Savage RAM 16GB
Kingston HyperX Savage SSD 120GB
WD Blue 1TB
WD Blue 1TB


Considering your hardware, I'd almost bet the house on it being a VRM issue. There are no boards, not even the Crosshair Formula, that have been proven to adequately handle the power delivery sustained requirements of the FX-9590 without VRM overheating issues. Adding a home brewed VRM cooling fan modification might help to alleviate that, but nothing really helps these CPUs to not kill motherboards.

Monitoring CPU temps doesn't really help. You can keep the CPU as cool as can be expected, and still have overheating issues on the VRMs. This problem is amplified when using water cooling because then there is not even any residual airflow over the VRMs or in the area of the power delivery components on the motherboard like there is with a downdraft or tower air cooler.

I'd take the side panel off, and point a fan of some kind directly at the VRMs, just as a test to see if there is any effect or lessening of the problem. There may or may not be depending on if the problem IS the VRMs overheating and whether the damage, if it is, is too far gone for anything to remedy it.

What is your case model and how many cooling fans are installed? Where are they installed? What size are they?

You might also try downclocking the CPU to FX-8350, 8370 or 9370 clock speeds and see if that has any effect as well.