I have a 3 ghhz P4 processor with 1 gig of ram and a geforce 6800 (128mb) video card. I have the pc connected to a 46" 1080p hdtv. I want to order an upcoming ufc ppv event from either yahoo sports or ufc.com. yahoo streams up to 1200kb and same with ufc.com i think. ufc.com uses silverlight as the media player and I dont know what yahoo uses. I have a fast broadband connection. The question is, will upgrading my video card to a better video card upgrade the quality of the streaming video? Is it inevitable that pixelation will occur since I am expanding the picture to a 46" hdtv? Any input is appreciated as well as a card upgrade recommendation if an upgrade is even needed...thanks


Jan 16, 2009
What resolution is your current monitor at and what resolution is the tv (is it 1080 or 720). The GPU is only scaling the video to the resolution of your TV not the size. If your monitor is a high resolution already then watching video full screen on your monitor would be similar to watching it on a 46 in. tv. Be careful though, because most streaming video is not HD and will not look good on your HDTV.

Silverlight doesn't currently use the graphics card, and neither does flash. So ufc.com would not use your graphics card. I don't know about yahoo but if it uses flash then it only uses your cpu.