Question Pc won't boot after installing gfx card?

May 29, 2019
So what happened is that...i have 2 power supplies one is zebronics cheap psu 450 watt(all newly purchased)...and another unbranded 500 watts psu....
Question begins.....
I yesterday upgraded from integrated graphics to a gt 1030
I installed the graphics card .... tried to boot(win 10)...but it got stuck at the windows loading screen.
I tried 3 to 5 times but same results came......
Then i switched from my zebronics psu to my unbranded psu and it worked...i installed the new nvidia drivers from the CD and restarted... again it started up and then i played all my games and could easily feel higher frames coming out...i kept playing for 5 hours....
Now today...when i tried to boot same problem came again windows start-up stuck....i dont know what happened....then i tried again and again... restarted but no good results...
Then i removed my gfx card plugged in my zebronics psu again and it booted up...
So my pc won't boot up with both PSUs with graphics card....but it boots up at integrated graphics with zebronics psu... sometimes same thing happens... with integrated graphics also....

My specs:
Cpu : i3 550@3.2ghz
Mobo: intel dh55tc mobo with pcie x16 slot
1 x 500gb hdd
PSU u all will be appreciated
Zebronics PSUs should be avoided like a plague ! I won't even light a bulb using this PSU. Please do not use this PSU brand on nay gaming RIG.

Zebronics is a tier 5 PSU manufacturer, and the are "NOT RECOMMENDED." Period. PSU is the last component you might want to cheap out on, or skimp. Do not use this "huntkey" model to power up any gaming PC.

Try to get some other high quality PSU, IF possible. Power supplies are an imperative part of your system that should not be taken lightly. Throwing in a budget PSU could result in poor power efficiency or even a wrecked system.

Don't SKIMP on the PSU, since this is the MOST important PC component. I can't stress this enough. Btw, why did you write ANTEC in your original post ?

Btw, this PSU list is NOT exhaustive, nor 100% accurate though, but at least it gives us some idea about the brand reputation, in the hierarchy list..BUT, make a note though. Despite Seasonic, XFX listed under the "arguably best brands" category by me, they have had pretty poor quality units as well. like the XT series, and SeaSonic S12II Series. There are more exceptions though...

Pretty much all PSU manufacturers sell good and bad power supplies.

PSU brands to never buy from

  • Diablotek
  • Chieftech
  • Circle
  • Sharkoon
  • Youngbear
  • Powercool
  • Rocketfish
  • Rave
  • Linkworld
  • Shuttle
  • Skyhawk
  • Foxconn
  • Wintech
  • Winpower
  • Apevia
  • Coolmax
  • Logisys
  • Sparkle
  • Raidmax
  • Zalman
  • Diablotek
  • Xilence
  • Tacens
  • iBALL
  • Zebronics.
  • Logisys.

  • Average PSU brands (Not deadly but I would avoid them)
  • NZXT
  • Enermax
  • Cougar
  • Bitfenix
Good PSU brands (These psu brands have decent-great PSUs, but also have a few outliers)
  • EVGA
  • Corsair
  • Antec
  • Cooler master
  • Be quiet!
  • Fractal Design
  • SilverStone
  • FSP.
Arguably the best brands, but that's a slight exaggeration..
  • Seasonic
  • XFX
  • Superflower
Most power supplies you buy should be fine as long as you're not pushing them to the very limits. I obviously didn't include every OEM and re-seller but I listed the main ones. Pretty much all PSU manufacturers sell good and bad power supplies, it just takes a little reviewing and forethought into your system requirements before you make a selection....