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  1. tomaszoN

    Question ECS h55h-m v 1.0 GT9500

    Hello, can you please help me with advice? Have motherboard ECS h55h-m v1.0 trying to put it working gpu, but the old Geforce gt 9500, the cooler of gpu cools but it does not start, no bios or windows, the same gpu in the main PC with a motherboard asrock b450m pro4-f works. Installed on the...
  2. Cwyounglc

    Question Bios

    I installed a new motherboard in my pc as well as new ram sticks with my old ram sticks and a new m.2. For some reason when I am tryin to do windows 11 boot up it keeps giving my stop code for windows. Best Buy told me I can only have one name brand or type or ram in at a time while doing new...
  3. Scsx

    Question No secure boot option on Gigabyte bios

    Hello, I'm apparently trying to play Valorant, but it said my secure boot requirement did not match. So, I went into bios and watched some videos about turning on secure boot, but there were no secure boot options where it was supposed to be located. I even updated the bios with USB but it still...
  4. Domaccc12a

    Question Need help with Ryzen 3 4300GE

    So i got that cpu for cheap gaming and i wanna know is there any way to make it faster in bios, i have A520M-HDV.
  5. Bjg13190

    Accessing Tower PC BIOS using a laptop?

    So my org received 90+ PCs which I need to pull the NMVe M.2 SDD serial numbers from via BIOS prior to their installation. My question is simply whether or not it is possible to access the PC towers BIOS (straight out of box) using a laptop. Is it as simple as using an HDMI and using the Fn key...
  6. Yuri2.0

    Question Virtualization settings on B560M Aorus Elite

    Hello I have a B560m Aorus Master MotherBoard. I cannot find the virtualization option in bios. Where do I look in bios? please help me
  7. R

    [SOLVED] Computer stuck in boot loop after using Bit Driver updater ?

    Hello World, I ran into a serious issue at the moment and am really hoping someone has the answer. I have an old custom PC that I was playing around with and decided to want to update the drivers (I know one shouldn't yet I dare try). I looked around the net to find something that could help...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Do you have to change any settings in the bios before installing M.2 drive or should it work straight away?

    Hi there! Currently in the process of upgrading my hardware. Decided to buy an M.2 SSD also a new motherboard. I’ve never used M.2 before and was just wondering if there were anything I need to do in the bios before installing or should it work straight away? I’ve seen a few people talking about...
  9. YeshwanthTandle

    [SOLVED] Does my Gigabyte B560 DS3H AC (REV: 1.1) support windows 11 ?

    I have this motherboard - B560 DS3H AC (REV: 1.1) recently purchased but Gigabyte website has only support for revision 1.0 of this model. The current bios version that I have of my motherboard is F5. And I want to update the bios to make it windows 11 ready which I cannot find in Gigabyte...
  10. P

    [SOLVED] BIOS Chip Swap

    So I have an Asrock Z77M on my computer which refuses to show display whenever a GPU is connected to it. I got an Asrock B-75 Pro 3 from a friend of mine which does not boot and he claims it's because of the BIOS chip which has one of it's 8 pins broken. I also have a BIOSTAR B-75 MU3B which...
  11. D

    Question I cant access the BIOS ?

    I need to turn on virtualization in BIOS settings but I can't access the BIOS ? I tried many kets but none of them worked. pls help Asus motherboard.
  12. Zaul718

    Question System wont boot when I connect my second gpu

    Recently bricked my b450 so bought a new gigabyte mobo x570 installed my rtx 2080 and it boots fine, but when i add an rtx 2060 for 3d rendering it does not boot. I ve changed bios csm to uefi (a solution i found on this forum) and it boots but to bios and a limited bios is visible rest blacked...
  13. S

    Question New laptop blue screening and then going to BIOS ?

    I bought a new Asus Vivobook 15 laptop. Right out of the package, i tried uninstalling the preloaded antivirus that came with it and it blue screened during the uninstall. The weird thing is after the blue screen it sent me to the BIOS, i restarted and windows was in the recovery screen and I...
  14. kcaayush2158

    [SOLVED] Keyboard and mouse is not working on startup and bios

    I was trying to boot a computer last night and i remember that i went to recovery option by holding the shift key and click restart button . When i choose the booting option menu on the recovery option suddenly my keyboard and mouse didn't work. So i switched off the computer and turn it again...
  15. Shilonidas

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 5600x and b450

    Hey, so I'm planning to upgrade my PC soon from ryzen 5 2600 to 5 5600x. My motherboard is "b450 gaming PLUS " Is there avaible BIOS for new ryzens or we still need to wait?
  16. Dr. Seno

    [SOLVED] Dell Computer Unable to Boot

    The Computer black screened after a session of playing games, it was cleaned before its turned back on according to my brother the Bios Splash screen was normal when he turned it on in the morning I tried to turn the computer on after the cleaning, during cleaning i removed the Processor from...
  17. Revan-chan

    [SOLVED] Window doesn't boot after bios update

    Hi , I've updated bios of TUF b550 plus from 0243 to 1402 but after that it doesn't boot window from SSD or dvd-rw , what should I do ? Please help♥️
  18. Manthan-dev

    [SOLVED] Reset BIOS Settings and Clear CMOS

    All of BIOS Options are greyed out including RESET DEFAULT SETTINGS, I want reset Clear CMOS but Motherboard only have 2 PINS Without Jumpers. I also changed the Battery but nothing works. Please tell me the way to Clear CMOS and RESET BIOS. (Motherboard only have 2 pins without jumpers )...
  19. crispy4u

    [SOLVED] 1st time build. Pc shows no display. Have troubleshooted.

    Hello, Specs: Ryzen 3600x 16 gb 3200 ddr4 vengeance ram 550w evga psu (I probably should have gotten a bigger one) msi rtx 2060 super gaming 8 gb Asus x470 prime pro motherboard also the wraith cooler because the cryorig h7 was not compatible. I recently built my first pc for gaming and such...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Unknown Motherboard Ports

    Hi everyone, Before I start, thank you all for helping everyone on here. I have literally no idea what I would do without you guys! I've done a few PC builds but nothing to this scale so I'm kind of lost. So my personal PC's motherboard recently died so I had to replace the motherboard but it...
  21. J

    Question My Peripherals wont work

    Hello there I recently upgraded my PC GPU to a MSI GTX 970 from what i believe was a GT 440 (Model No.P1062-000B) or a gt 660). Anyways i removed my old gpu and installed the new gpu and connected it to the psu using the connectors. However when i tried booting it, the peripherals in all the...
  22. A

    Question Computer won't post to BIOS , no display, no beeps

    I've been trying for 2 hours now to get this to work and I've read several forum recommendations. I don't think the PC specs are that important in this case but it's a pre built PC that I was taking apart to test something else (I didn't have the right adapter so i scrapped that). It was working...
  23. T

    Question Bios for asrock motherboard

    Hello. Im buying an xeon e3 1225v2 and I want to put it on AsRock, Intel H61, H61M-HVGS motherboard. I saw that mobo bios version needs to be at least 1.80 to run with that xeon but mine mobo bios version is 1.40, my problem is that I cant find a bigger version than 1.50 online..can anyone help me?
  24. A

    [SOLVED] will the guarantee for the motherboard bee stop if i updated the Bios ???

    my CPU is Ryzen 5 3600 and the motherboard is Gigabyte B450M DS3H but in PC partpicker show to problem there i must to update the bios.
  25. K

    [SOLVED] r7 240 bios flash to r7 250?

    is it possible to flash a r7 250 bios to r7 240. i have asus r7 240 2gb gddr5
  26. MewDew

    Question My Motherboard had OC settings but now they dont show up anymore.

    So my motherboard is : Asus PRIME A320M-K and some time ago i had options to put my GPU to turbo mode and increase my CPU frequency, i didnt touch any settings that time but now when i went into bios to check none were to be found
  27. 2

    Question Should I update my BIOS?

    I've been experiencing freezes while gaming as soon as I started upgrading some parts. I literally tried everything (reinstalling windows and drivers, updating them, stress tests etc.) except updating BIOS because of the lack of knowledge to do so. These are parts that I upgraded: GPU - nVidia...
  28. P

    Question Screens not detected when rebooting windows

    Hi All, I need some help troubleshooting my PC setup. The PC runs perfectly fine, but screens just won't get detected on boot (even BIOS screen is blank) The screens IED briefly blinks with connection received and then fade with no signal detected. If I cold boot (hold power down until...
  29. F

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 freeze after 10 min. Work fine in safe mode and with driver disabled.

    My pc is 6 years old with very old specs. It still work normally without any problem. But yesterday right at 00.46. The windows suddenly freezing (Cant do the CTRL-ALT-DELT). It work fine though from 20.00 till 00.40. So i try it again today and it freeze right after 10 minutes. So i have to...
  30. N

    Question RTX 2060 connected, but not found in BIOS

    I assembled my first pc yesterday. When I connected my pc to monitor via hdmi (I don't have vdi cable) and nothing happened on screen. Motherboard, connectors, pc case and even GPU lightened up, but there was no image. My friend suggested that it can be fault of either motherboard, CPU, PSU or...
  31. S

    Question Keyboard only works in bios

    Hi, I plugged in my old ps3 controller to my PC, then suddenly my keyboard and mouse stopped working. After few reset I got my mouse to work, however my keyboard still doesn't work. It only works in BIOS. I decided to plug in my other keyboard and it does work. When I'm in device manager and I'm...
  32. S


    Hi guys, I wanted to let you know if you have random freezes in games after bios updated, just downgraded it with a usb flash(worked for me). Games and rarely windows would freeze, but games 100% of the time. MSI X470 GAMING PRO/2700X/2060/1tb m.2 wd blue
  33. V

    Question Pc won't boot after installing gfx card?

    So what happened is that...i have 2 power supplies one is zebronics cheap psu 450 watt(all newly purchased)...and another unbranded 500 watts psu.... Question begins..... I yesterday upgraded from integrated graphics to a gt 1030 I installed the graphics card .... tried to boot(win 10)...but it...
  34. P

    Discussion Asrock taichi X399 Stuck in BIOS while updating bios

    Hello everyone , Asrock taichi x399 was not showing any sign or display and all chassis fan was not working first so i tried to remove CMOS battery and fan started working but gpu fan was running like jet engine at full speed and no display at all no beep , so i decided to flash bios via flash...
  35. P

    Question Windows won't boot, restore or reset after BIOS update.

    Hey everyone, A couple of months ago I've had this problem with my pc a while after I installed my new SSD in it, where it wouldn't shut down or restart properly and would be stuck on the windows logo screen for HOURS. I've tried all the possible solutions on the internet and none of them...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] cpu change

    hello, i want to upgrade my fx4300 on my GA 78LMT USB3 rev 6.0 to an fx8350, i cant find the downloadable bios version, as i need version f3 or higher i can only download f1 and f2, f2 is what the bios is already. does anybody have any information on this topic, it would be very helpful...
  37. StickyRunnerTR

    Question I am stuck at bios start screen

    Today I plugged my PC off for cleaning and when I plugged it back, every time I start my PC, it is stuck at Asus please press f2 or del to enter uefi bios settings screen and whatever I do it doesn't change. I replaced the mobo battery, tried to update bios by an USB but nothing worked. What...
  38. Hosamch

    Question Hi I want to unlock the bios

    Hi I want to unlock the bios on dell vostro 1540 so I can overclock , how can I unlock it , now I can only change the date and time ,anyone knows ?
  39. S

    Question Any solutions ?

    Hi i have a problem with my pc, i'm using hpz210, when i power on the pc it shows a screen with hp logo and it says " Press Esc for startup menu", the problem is that when i press Esc nothing happen even if i pressed any key, the issue happened after I entered the bios and changing some settings...