PC won't boot with new ram sticks


Dec 16, 2011
Hey. I bought these: Crucial Ballistix sport 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM

I know they're compatible with my motherboard etc.
I have windows vista 64bit.

Problem is only 1 stick works, when i put both of them in it won't go past the Motherboard LOGO where u can enter bios etc.

I tried every combination of slots & stuff like that.
My old ram sticks works just fine with 2 of them.

When i try both of them the red light on the motherboard lights up.

Just ask if you need more info.

Help much appreciated :)
The stick that it doesn't boot with is most likely broken. Use Windows Memory Diagnostic or Memtest86 to test it. Try both sticks, then one stick, then the other. Whatever stick doesn't pass is broken. it will tell you if there is an error or hardware issues.
Open ya MoBo manual..... look for the page where it shows ya where to put the sticks......put 1 stick in the slot it suggests for 1 stick..... run memtest86+ for 2 hours this time around...... switch sticks...... if they both pass, look where manual says 2 sticks should go. Run memtest86+ overnight

If any test fails, send both sticks back.

You may have it like this: Slot A1, Slot A2, Slot B1, and slot B2. Plug into slot A1 and slot B1, or whatever your motherboard manual says to run in dual channel.