PCI-E graphics card not detected


Aug 17, 2009
MB: MSI K9NGM4, just 1 year old.
AMD Phenom 8650, Triple core processor 2.30GHz
3.25 GB of RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT /or GTX260
OS: Windows XP SP3 on SATA drive
PSU: Brand new Corsair TX750W

PCI-E graphics card not detected

I’ve been through all the “card not detected” threads and have pretty much covered all the basic fixes without a solution.

My older 8800GT worked fine for a year, and then out of the blue I started having multiple issues resulting in may card not being detected. The fan runs, but I have to use the onboard graphics and the card does not show in the device manager.

Occasionally I can get it to work (uninstall/re-install), but even after I think I’ve figured out how to do that it doesn’t work.

Bought a new card, installation went fine, but upon re-boot the new card is now not detected, back to onboard graphics and no PCI-E card shown in the device manager.

Yes, the six pin power connection(s) are plugged in.

Yes, the card is seated properly

Other issues:
DVD drive not detected. Just today I updated the system drivers to try and solve the graphics issue and now I have no DVD drive, not detected and not showing in the device manager.

Could be conflicts between the SATA drive and the IDE drive? Which cause other hardware to not initialize?

Is the computer not taking long enough to initializing and skipping past some of the hardware?

I do not have a second PCI-E slot so I’m stuck with the one I have, which I know works fine anyway, but it’s not working now.

Perhaps I need to get a SATA DVD drive?

What am I missing? What can I do? Please and thank you all.