PCIe with PCI card multi monitor woes


Jul 5, 2009
Hi there,

I recently just purchased an ATI Radeon HD 3870 PCIe card to jump back into some (light) pc gaming. I previously had two bare-bones Radeon 7000 for four monitor support.

Once I installed the PCIe along with the (1) PCI card, windows xp struggles to load, quick "blue screen", and restarts...

Both cards can work individually but not in tandem. So my question is, can PCIe and PCI cards work in tandem?

I originally figured they would because before I had (1) AGP w/ (1) PCI with multi monitors. However any input with be greatly appreciated.



Nov 1, 2009
I am having this same issue I have a PCI-E All-In-Wonder 2006, which is powered by Radeon X1300, and then I have a PCI Radeon X1300. I don't have multiple PCI-E slots. For a brief moment I had 3 Monitors working, but it locked up and on reboot, I had an infinite loop error and could not boot normally unless I remove the card.

I purposely went out and bought what I thought would be compatible card, but I think it is an issue with mixing PCI with PCI-E, any confirmation on this? I'm running Vista 32 Bit.

If this won't work I did happen to buy 3 of these regular PCI X1300 cards which each support dual monitors, and I can free up a PCI slot if I get a USB wireless adapter as I currently have PCI wireless adapter taking up my last slot....should running 2 X1300 PCI dual monitor cards work?

I don't mean to hijack this thread but just to attract more attention to the issue of mixing PCI and PCI-E video, since this question never received a response, and not finding anything else on the goog