Question phone recovery after liquid damage

Jul 19, 2020
yesterday my phone got soaked in hand sanitiser(%70 ethyl alcohol %30 purified water). I immediately took it out but it wasnt damaged screen had a blue- purple vapory thing on it but phone seems fully working .So i got confused and closed the phone it never boot again.I searched online and in stackexchange people said you should put it in a rice bag fast . I left it in there for 24 hours and now when i connect it to pc pc cant recognise and phone screen flash due to charging so i think i dont have internal damage .

So i want to know that if my phone got bricked(i dont think so) , fried , or just screen and is there anything to monitor screen over cable and diagnose hardware flaws i cant use recovery mode 'cause i dont have a screen. What do you suggest me to do my phone is HUAWEİ P20 Lite .Screen replacement only is cheap but i dont have enough for buying a new one