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  1. R

    Question laptop doesn't boot always

    Hello guys, I am trying to find answer for my laptop issue but bad luck till now, I am going to repair shop soon just want to confirm if chances of major issue is less, I want to build gaming pc this month but also in need of laptop i will be in delusion, So pleaseeee help :(:( device - hp...
  2. Medatnoob

    Question My Asus laptop won't turn on! When it does, it stays on and then shuts down again!

    Hey guys, I'm new here. Lemme get straight to the problem. My laptop is the Asus X541. I was using it 2 days ago and the display went black and the laptop turned off. This has happened to me once before, but luckily somehow it booted into Automatic Repair and fixed itself a month ago. But this...
  3. ASDID

    Question I need some Backup BIOS from Asrock x370 Fatality Gaming X

    Hello, I need someone who has an asrock x370 fatality gaming x and make a backup of the bios please send it to me, since my bios is brickeo and I need a backup because the one that is downloaded from the official page is not the same
  4. K

    Question Samsung monitor showing a red tint on the whole screen

    Hello everybody, today while I was helping my grandparents with something I found a Samsung CM22WS monitor on a pile of trash, it seemed pretty intact so I brought it home, I tried to turn it on but It didn't do anything so I opened it and connected a disconnected power cable, now it turns on...
  5. L

    Question Help please

    Okay I built a computer awhile ago about January it worked with zero problens for a long time till about a week about till now theres random times when my computer will boot and be fine and other times when it will not boot and will just have a white led on my motherboard which in the manual say...

    Question Infinite boot loop but no repair option

    Hey, TH community. I have a tricky situation that I hope someone might be able to help me with. I have an Asus g73jh laptop with an i7 processor and a Radeon 5680 gpu. It has Windows 10 on it and it's used for light gaming, work and school. I'll give a quick run down of what's happened. I used...
  7. W

    [SOLVED] Error code 0x80070003

    I get this error code "0x80070003" while i was doing a clean new installation of windows 10 on my pc. Does this mean that my windows boot usb is broken/missing files and i got to buy a new one? Or can i fix it somehow. I got this problem after doing the partitions in the install section.
  8. uzi314

    Question Front Panel Lights fixing/replacing in Gigbayte Sumo Alpha Mid-Tower Casing?

    Hello guys! I have two custom gaming PCs which I had built in Gigabyte Sumo Alpha Casings few years ago and both of their front panel lights were working fine when I bought but after 1 or 2 years these are not working anymore until now so is there any solution that if I could replace their LEDs...
  9. H

    Question New computer is dead?

    Hi there, So I built my first computer with a friend who has some experience building, but I'm having some issues with it already. Parts list is in this link: (I did buy a 2600 instead of the 2600x as I heard I just have to overclock it) (also got a...
  10. G

    Question Where do I start with diagnosis and repair?

    A Small amount of water spilled in my case. At first nothing happened. I shut down normally and dabbed up the water. No more than a few drops that I could see reached the electronics. I dabbed it up and used compressed air. Start up attempt 1: Nothing, so I cycled the Off/Reset button on the...
  11. L

    Question Is my Lenovo laptop dead?

    I have an old Lenovo B50-70 i5. About 2 days ago when I went to turn the laptop on I got a message along the lines of "the checksum does not match, BIOS potentially corrupted" I'm paraphrasing because I can't remember the exact message. Since then I havent gotten the laptop to start, even when I...
  12. M

    Question Greenish tint, thin horizontal lines on HP 23bw ISP monitor

    Hello, Last week I received as a gift this monitor by a friend who did not need it, and had had it in his basement for a year or so. When I plugged it in, I found this defect, not so noticeable when playing video full screen, but a pain for the eye when writing or reading: the rightmost...
  13. hubabuba100

    Question Can a graphics card work without a memory chip

    I have a R9 390 8GB video card. It was very cheap, because it was not tested before. When I powered on the PC with the graphics card, the screen have straight lines. When I took it apart, I saw that one memory chip is missing. I contacted with a BGA reballer, and He said that is unrepairable...
  14. D

    Question My PC keeps needing repair/only boots in safe mode/

    Admins Sorry for posting too many times keep this one please and delete the others as this is my most detailed yet. Dell OptiPlex 3020 Okay so basically when I brought my pc home with an asus q87me motherboard it was fine when iw as at my friends house then it booted up at home fine just lan...
  15. AbdelrahmanMD

    Question TV shaking image

    Hello I have a Samsung Smart TV N5300 the 43 inch variant and have been using it without issues for 3 months when suddenly while watching it, the screen starts shaking very rapidly while the audio is still fine I unplugged all connections then inserted the power cord alone with no result. Even...
  16. J

    Question DELL INSPIRON 15 7559 - NO 19V TO LAPTOP

    Hi there, thanks for looking at my thread. I have an issue with my DELL INSPIRON 15 7559 where there is no back light but there is display. I've been fiddling around with the unit, turns out there's no fuse for the back light so not a simple fix. After digging around i found there was no 19 Volt...
  17. S

    Question File recovery after switching the motherboard?

    My sister recently had to have her laptop repaired. When she got it back she was notified that her motherboard had been switched. this deleted all of her files and reset her laptop. Is there anyway to recover the files? She is contacting the repair place so is there anyway they can do it? Thanks...
  18. T

    Question PC crashing mid-game and not booting

    Hi, I have recently had a number of issues with my PC which occurred after I had my PC delivered to my new house and it arrived in a not so great condition. The first problem is that my computer doesn't boot unless i lay the case on its side with the motherboard facing upwards. Even when on its...
  19. B

    Question about portable hard drive

    I have got a number of portable 2.5" hard drives, they are either Seagate or WD I've been hearing about the legend that there is a max. number of plugging and unplugging of the data cable before the port goes wrong, is it true? In case the port is damaged after a lot of plugging and unplugging...
  20. E

    Question Razer core x compatibility issues with Acer S13-371T

    Okay so I’ve recently bought a razer core x, after reviewing that it is compatible with any laptop that has Thunderbolt 3 and windows 10. The laptop was detecting the Razer core x but not the gpu itself (gtx 1050ti oc edition). I downloaded nvidia drivers and it couldn’t continue with the driver...