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Page 5 - Forum discussion tagged with repair.
  1. S

    [SOLVED] File recovery after switching the motherboard?

    My sister recently had to have her laptop repaired. When she got it back she was notified that her motherboard had been switched. this deleted all of her files and reset her laptop. Is there anyway to recover the files? She is contacting the repair place so is there anyway they can do it? Thanks...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] PC crashing mid-game and not booting

    Hi, I have recently had a number of issues with my PC which occurred after I had my PC delivered to my new house and it arrived in a not so great condition. The first problem is that my computer doesn't boot unless i lay the case on its side with the motherboard facing upwards. Even when on its...
  3. B

    Question about portable hard drive

    I have got a number of portable 2.5" hard drives, they are either Seagate or WD I've been hearing about the legend that there is a max. number of plugging and unplugging of the data cable before the port goes wrong, is it true? In case the port is damaged after a lot of plugging and unplugging...
  4. E

    Question Razer core x compatibility issues with Acer S13-371T

    Okay so I’ve recently bought a razer core x, after reviewing that it is compatible with any laptop that has Thunderbolt 3 and windows 10. The laptop was detecting the Razer core x but not the gpu itself (gtx 1050ti oc edition). I downloaded nvidia drivers and it couldn’t continue with the driver...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] 2 cores 4 threads how long

    How long do you Think dual core like g4560 and i3 6100 with hyperthreading will be able to handle budget gaming? Will they be gone in a few years or stay around?
  6. P

    [SOLVED] GTA V Huge Stuttering on High end PC / high fps

    Specs : I7 6700k , GTX 1080ti , 16GB Ram , 1TB HDD , 250GB SSD, Ok so i overclocked my cpu recently to 4.4GHz and when i play GTAV i get huge stuttering like basically everytime i move my mouse it starts lagging and stuff and huge fps drops but it only happens when i put everything on low on...
  7. W

    sharp fps drops with gtx1080/i7 2600k at 1080p

    hi, so recently upgraded to a 1080 and i have paired it with an i7 2600k, i do get pretty high fps on games such as overwatch/black ops 4, however every game i play suffers from very sharp fps drops that cause a stuttering effect in game, any ideas what could cause this? or how i can go about...
  8. S

    How to get ms office 2007 key

    I am unable to get product key ms office 2007
  9. D

    Motherboard won't recognize my 2 storage drives...

    So yesterday, I built a PC for my friend (specs are listed below). It all went very smoothly. I booted into the BIOS to check if the motherboard was detecting all of my hardware. I have a Seagate Barracuda 2TB hard drive and a Kingston A400 240GB SSD. They were both recognized by the...
  10. T

    Samsung T5 or Samsung 860 Evo (Both 500 gb)

    Hi TH forums, So to give some background information. I'll be returning to college soon and am looking for an external storage drive mostly for simple tasks such as word, excel, as well as gaming (WoW, VTM: Bloodlines, Deus Ex: 2001, Overwatch). I currently plan to live on campus and have a...
  11. C

    What should cpu load be when idling?

    What should CPU load be when idling? I have an i7-8700k and it's going up and down from 4%-10%. Though I was installing something at the time.
  12. E

    Asus1060ocDual3gb vs PalitSuperJetstream6gb?

    Asus dual oc 3gb = £180 Palit super jetsteam 6gb= £230 Both are the cheapest on the market. The dual oc from Asus has a large core clock and is cheaper but I want to play on High for the next 2years without any issues so the extra 3gb vram will be damn handy. I will also be fine playing on...
  13. M

    Performing CMOS Reset w/ CPU Still Attached

    I am currently in the process of troubleshooting my first build. I am attempting to reset my mainboard's CMOS according to its manufacturer's instructions. The instructions say I need to remove all of its components first. This includes the CPU. The problem is that my CPU cooler is stuck really...
  14. V

    My pc won't start

    I have a pc build last year, but now it has a problem it won't start. I had press the power button at least hundred times but nothing has happened. I also test it with a new SMPS but still nothing happens. Please Sir fix this so I can get back to gaming please. I have a doubt in motherboard, but...
  15. Q

    Installing Graphics Card

    My husband's graphic's card is starting to have issues. A very good friend of his sent him a powercolor radeon hd 5850 he was no longer using but still in good condition. The motherboard in the current computer is a GA-P55-USB3. We installed the graphics card but it didn't work, it wasen't...
  16. P

    Is this all compatible?

    Hey I need to upgrade my Desktop because it is really out of date now (I think). Will all these components together work? Are there any problems, incompatibility etc? Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 CPU: Intel Core i5 8600k SSD: Samsung 860 Evo 500 GB Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16...
  17. S

    Can "Ryzen 2000 Ready" Motherboards support Ryzen APUs?

    Can "Ryzen 2000 Ready" Motherboards (like Gigabyte AX370M-Gaming 3) support Ryzen APUs without BIOS update?
  18. J

    Network adapter connection issue

    My computer is connected to the Linksys12637 when I check in the change adapter page. My coworker though is Linksys12637 5GHZ when he plugs in his ethernet cable, and both of our wifi are disabled. We are both also in the same Workgroup. When I check arp-a, his ip address is not showing up and I...
  19. L

    Shift button not working

    Hi, My shift button is not working my sticky keys are off, driver updated...... It starts with i installing a just cause 2 mods and my brother plays it for 5 hours...... Any help will be appreciated (I using a ps/2) Sorry for my bad english
  20. R

    Vera Crypt help.

    Hello guys, i need your help. I've encrypted the system disc and i have problem with one application, after finishing work in this application when i reboot my pc i got message from vera crypt about probably evil maid attack - i change my password. I run this application one more time with...