Aug 8, 2010
Hi Toms Community!

Ive just had a recent brainstorm after ordering my new PC


CPU i5 2500k
RAM 8Gb Ripjaws X 1600
Mobo P8p67-m Pro
GPU Gtx 460 1gb (Asus engtx 460 1gb) SLI
PSU Corsair tx750 V2
Reso 1200x1080

I have a spare GPU from my previous pc, being an Nvidea Geforce 9800+ Black edition, is it worthwhile throwing this into my new PC set-up as a Physx card ? :eek:

ALSO, whilst im here, i live in the UK but am struggling to find another Asus Engtx460 1gb for sale, and if so, at horrendous prices .... Could i use another make GTX 460 for the SLI (i understand it has to be the same core etc) and if so, could someone give me a link or 2, as this PC was meant to be ready for Battlefield 3, but its going to be a few days late D :

Thankyou in advance all ! :hello:

You can use the 9800+ as a PhysX card quite easily. It probably would not be worth it though if you had to sacrifice the ability to SLI for PhysX. There are only about 20 games that can use GPU accelerated PhysX. Unless you frequently play one of those games it probably isn't worthwhile. If you really want ultra high performance with BF3, you would be better off with the second 460 rather than a PhysX card that most games simply can't use.