Question Please Help me! My GPU usage and FPS suddenly but frequently drops while gaming.

Nov 5, 2020
My Laptop specs are :
CPU: i5-7200U
GPU: Radeon r5 m330 (2gb ddr3)
RAM: 8 GB single channel
500 GB WD Blue SSD

Why gaming, the FPS suddenly drops from 60 to 1-10, and after 5-10 seconds, it comes back to normal. But this issue is happening frequently, almost 1 min interval, making games unplayable. I did some research and found that my GPU usage drops frequently, and it doesn't use its full potential. I tried a lot of things like game boosters, change in-game settings, change in power options to max performance, updating BIOS, drivers, etc but nothing helped. I know my laptop can't handle new AAA games so I play old games, where I easily surpass the recommended specs. Please help me, I am helpless right now. Thank You.
PS: SSD is clean of junks and I use Quickheal antivirus, but I have disabled it.