Question Please Help - OBS CPU Usage

Jan 12, 2019
Hey Guys,

I'm not really a tech guy at all so go easy...

I have streamed to Twitch since June via console and PC using an ElGato HD60. I have had no issues at all, it's been a breeze! Until...

I upgraded to Windows 10 on Thursday and ever since then my CPU usage has gone through the rough! Prior to the upgrade I was streaming via PS4/XB1 at 720 and 60 fps with no problems what so ever.

It's specifically when the game capture source in OBS is visible. If I turn that off in OBS then the CPU usage goes right back down. I have installed the latest W10 64bit drivers for the HD60 by the way.

Prior to the W10 upgrade CPU usage in OBS would sit at 8% when not streaming and max out at up to 35% maybe 40% if things got serious!

Post the W10 upgrade I'm now getting 35-40% CPU usage in OBS when not streaming and 60-70% when I am streaming. This is causing the fps to drop within the OBS and the stream looks awful!

Any ideas on what it could be?

So my setup is -

OS - W10 home 64biy
CPU - AMD FX6300
RAM - 24gb DDR3 Corsair Vengence
Mobo - Gigabyte 970A-DS3P
GPU - AMD Radeon HD6990 4GB

I know setup isn't groundbreaking but I had no issues prior to the OS upgrade. No hardware has been changed.

If anyone can help I'd be super greatful.

Thanks guys,