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  1. redh4t

    Question UHD Ultra wide / 43" 4k monitor for new 7900XT rig

    Hello, I am planning to upgrade my 8years PC to a new one and can't decide on a monitor to get. Graphics card target 7900XT or 6950XT so AMD FreeSync would be a must. I am still in a crossroads between 34" ultra wide UHD and 42±43" 4k monitor. I am more an a MMO RPG/RPG or ARP games guy -...
  2. ShuraKat

    Question Does CPU matter for 4K gaming?

    Hi, guys! As the title says, my question is very simple, but somehow i am having a hard time to find an ultimate answer for it. Is it okay to pair an I3 12100F or a i5 12400F with a RTX 3080 if i play at 4K, for example? Since we are at a ultra high resolution, the game becomes GPU bound...
  3. S

    Question 32 Inch Monitor for PS5 & Xbox Series S (Possibly X) - 4k

    Hello I am looking for a 32 Inch Monitor for use with my PS5 and also Series S (Maybe getting a Series X though). Looking for 4k. Budget between £500 and £800 approx. Any good ones to look at and ones to avoid? Thanks
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Gaming Monitor Choices

    Hey there. Looking to see if anyone has one of the three following monitors, and any pros/cons/warnings against them, or suggestions on better choices than what ive chosen for the ~27in/800$ realm. All are IPS, 4k, 1ms, 144hz, 2.1 hdmi Acer Nitro XV282K...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] What "budget" GPU for 4K World of Tanks gaming with med settings

    What GPU do you suggest to play World of Tanks on 4K resolution with medium settings?:unsure: Current config, which I would not like to change if it's avoidable! CPU i5 7500 Motherboard Z170A Krait Gaming 3X Memory Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2400MHz HX424C15FBK2/16 PSU CORSAIR RMi...
  6. Endlessethan

    Question Rearange displays issue

    Here is the issue I am having View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjBRNKuCUWQ I rotated the monitor on the right 90 degrees but ever since I rotated the monitor they don't align properly. Monitor on the left is 4k (3840 x 2160) while on the right is 2k (3440 x 1440) On rearrange displays...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] new build - AMD 5700G or 5600G

    Apologies if my post is OT for this forum group. Couldn't figure most appropriate group. I'm thinking of building a new pc. I would like to use either the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G or the Ryzen 5 5600G because they have built-in graphics. I'd prefer not having to buy a graphics card if I don't...
  8. Tommy Sawyer

    Question Why the Samsung UNHU8550 UHD 4K TV can't play 4K?

    I have a Samsung UH75HU8550 UHD 4K Television and it can't stream 4K from Fire Stick, Amazon, Netflix, etc. I called Samsung support and they connected into my TV. I was told that the TV was made in 2014 and they had just started 4K at that time, so the internal system can't keep up with...
  9. LazerTechX

    [SOLVED] 4K Youtube playback performance issues

    Hey guys wanted to ask about my two systems, System 1: Ryzen 3 2200G 16GB DDR4 2666(2x8) GTX 660 Windows 10 20H2 System 2: i3 3220 8GB DDR3 1333(2x4) Integrated graphics Windows 10 20H2 The problem is that whenever I play a 4K youtube video on both systems, System 1 would use about 40% and up...
  10. ryublue

    [SOLVED] 4k gaming question

    ok so i have a RTX2080 and an old samsung 4k monitor. when i play Final Fantasy 14 i play at 1440p because i cant see a difference between 4k and 1440p. this last weekend i discovered something about my setup. its possible i have a D.port cable thats 1.2 and maybe my monitor is D.Port1.2 and the...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Is my CPU good enough

    Hi guys. My current set up is an i7-6700, 32gb ram, 980ti sli, 1000 PSU. I'm looking to upgrade my GPU to either an rtx 3080 or 6900 XT. My question is, if I match it all up with a high Hz 4k monitor, will I experience any bottle necking due to my CPU? Please and thankyou. Dom
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Best high-end Mobos

    Will any of the high-end motherboards models of the x570 or b550 last longer than the others at 4k gaming? I'm talking about even short amounts of time.
  13. J

    [SOLVED] When will the CPU become the bottleneck for 4k gaming?

    I know the gpu is the bottleneck right now but I want to get a cpu that will continue to run 4k as well and as long as possible. Is it worth it to buy the 5900x now because it will continue to run better in 4k in the future or would something like the 3600x run just as well and last just as...
  14. E

    Question quad monitor setup. three 1080p and one 4k

    I currently have a triple monitor setup and i'm planning to add a 4k monitor mainly for aesthetics and occasional 1440p gaming. will this add too much stress on my gpu? mostly it'll be used for just browsing. i have an rtx 2070super. thank you.
  15. C

    [SOLVED] 4k 60 monitors on PS5

    After finally securing my ps5 I was looking to get a nice 4k monitor to pair with it. I saw the LG 27UL850-W on amazon and it looks like a very nice monitor, though I’m not sure weather to pull the trigger and buy it. If anyone has any recommendations feel free to let me know...
  16. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] OS res vs In-game res - Which am I seeing?

    -I have a 4k native tv I use as my monitor. -I have windows set to 1440p res so I can use 120hz refresh rate. Question: If I set a game to 4k then am I actually seeing 4k resolution or does the Win10 display res override that?
  17. R

    Question Stuttering and weird slow down in game - RX 6800 XT

    Dear people, I bought a RX 6800 XT to be able to play games on 4k and have fun. Now recently i have started tweaking and trying many different things to make it work after seeing others play on 4k on Youtube. Right now i am having some weird issues which i have never had before. The games i...
  18. B

    [SOLVED] Which gaming monitor to buy??

    Hi everyone. I will be buying a gaming monitor veey soon and want some advice. My pc has an rtx 2060 super and I7 9700K and 32gb ddr4. I want to play on 4k, basically I want to know which monitor you all think is best, I want 32inch minimum and would like 120hz or above and gsync. Also do you...
  19. W

    Question 4K or QHD

    Hello everyone! Should I buy a 4K screen and in heavy games play on 2K (because there are still no video cards that run in 4K all heavy games above 90 FPS) or just buy a 2K screen (because I realized that if you play below the natural resolution of the screen the picture does not look good) Does...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Can someone suggest me cheapest upgrades to help me play 4k at ultra settings

    My current specs are as follows : 550 Watt PSU i5-9400f CPU RTX 2060 S GPU 2*8 GB DDR4 RAM Samsung 4K 55 inch TV Monitor I have already spent around $1500 dollars to get this going, can afford to spend upto another $1000 to get 4K 60 FPS Gaming at Ultra
  21. M

    [SOLVED] 4k TV display

    Hi all, with the new consoles around the corner, I have started looking at upgrading my display top 4K. I have so far been gaming on a PC plugged to 1080p monitor, and have not bought a TV in over a decade. As such I would love to get some advise on what to look out for, assuming I have very...
  22. NoLongerHuman

    [SOLVED] Are there any 4K, HDR, 21:9, g-sync, 144hz monitors anywhere?

    Are there any 4K, HDR, 21:9, g-sync, 144hz monitors anywhere? Idk why I can’t find one with all of this in it it’s pretty much my dream gaming monitor but maybe I’m overlooking something?
  23. D

    [SOLVED] Displaying 1080p and 1440p content on a 4k monitor: does it look so bad?

    I am going to buy a new monitor as my old 1080p S27A950D has failed after 8 years using it. I am considering buying a 4k monitor (27" or 32"), something not high-end but "fairly decent" (such as the EW3270U or 326M6VJRMB or 27UL850 or something similar). My use will be mixed: gaming, video...
  24. L

    [SOLVED] 4K TV Recommendations

    I’m in the market for a new 4K 50-55 inch TV, and I was looking for suggestions. Ideal budget would be under $800 with a hard limit of $1000. Heard good things about TCL 635 and I’m a fan of the Roku integration. Anyone have experience with the TCL options or alternatives? Main use cases would...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] Help: laptop with HDMI 1.4 only supports 1920x1080 on LG ultrawide screens?

    For work, I have the following Dell Inspiron 5593 laptop. The configuration I have is 8GB memory, 256GB SSD, i5 CPU, Intel UHD graphics. It has a HDMI 1.4 port. There are no USB-C or DisplayPort output, only a couple regular USB 3.1 ports. At work we have two types of displays made by LG...
  26. V

    [SOLVED] Monitor Help! 1440p @165Hz & 1ms OR 4K @60Hz & 4/5ms

    Hey Guys, I am about to build myself a brand new gaming pc (super excited) just waiting for the Ampere launch and things should start to get in motion. However, not sure what to do about my monitor. I am aiming to get a 3080 so am definitely looking at upgrading from my current 1080p 144hz...
  27. Playerrpj

    [SOLVED] Low temps

    ok, I don't know why but gpu and cpu rarely over 55°c. Not that the pc is slow but could do better at certain games and when it comes to rendering video. Gpu will start my screen at 480p and when I log in will go to 4k. I have tried after burner and kombuster but just crashes before it would go...
  28. L

    [SOLVED] Help! Monitor stuck at 4k@28HZ

    So for some background info, my monitor is the LG 27ul600 which obviously isn't the issue and I'm using the cable that came from the box which supports 4k@60HZ so it's clearly an issue with my laptop. I've been using my laptops HDMI port to connect the two but I now suspect it's limited to 1.4...
  29. lucho08

    Question Asus Maximus Impact VIII onboard video 4k@60hz

    Hi!! I'm planing to buy a 4k monitor and use it with my desktop (no gaming on this setup, only work), but searching the specifications I found that my Asus Maximus Impact VIII and a i7 6700k (I have no external graphic card) could only deliver 4k @ 30hz and I'm worried that this will be...
  30. mammoth noel

    [SOLVED] Can my PC run 4k with 60FPS after this GPU upgrade?

    Current PC Specs: 1920x1080 16 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X 12 GB Intel I7 4820k 3.70GHz My goal is to upgrade my GPU to RTX 2080 Ti and buy a new monitor for that sweet 4k resolution . will i be able to run 4k 60 fps even without upgrading my CPU/RAM????
  31. S

    [SOLVED] Can RTX 2070 support two 4K screens?

    Hi, Building a new PC for my father using a Geforce GTX 2070 for 4K video editing. We were planning to use a 43 in. Samsung Ultra Wide screen curved monitor and a 4K TV with it. Multiple monitors, you know? However, Dad is convinced that one GPU is not enough and I disagree. Is the GTX 2070...
  32. V

    [SOLVED] Help building new PC!

    Hi guys! I am currently in the process of building a new PC. I have not bought any parts yet, as I have decided to wait for new GPU's to come out as I think it would be a crime to buy 2000 series when 3000 series is only a few months away! For you reference, I am thinking of getting a...
  33. jrjharris

    Question 75mhz 4k display only showing 60mhz refresh rate options

    Hey guys, My 4k 75mhz monitir (iiyama GB2888UHSU-B1 28" G-Master Height Adjustable 4K - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0182GI69U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) is only showing 60mhz refresh rate options on advanced display settings and Nvidia control panel. I've tried...
  34. H

    Question No monitor signal after bios

    My monitor says no display signal andgoes to sleep right after bios when the windows logo shows up and nothing will work to get it to recognize ANY signal at all. It will work up until the windows logo shows up and it just shuts down by itself. My TV cable provider, my ps4 pro or my PC. (All...
  35. Samsonob12

    [SOLVED] best prebuilt for $7000 and under

    Want to buy a pre-built gaming pc with 1440p at 144hz that can go to 4k at 60hz but want to know the best for a budget of 7k and under. Have looked at a few like the Alienware Aroura, MSI Trident and Predator Orion but would like to know about other ones that may be better or cheaper and the...
  36. H

    [SOLVED] Choosing a 4K monitor or not?

    I am looking to improve my home workspace with a new monitor. Probably 27 inches. My issue is that i can't decide if i should go for a 4k screen or not. I have outlined my setup below and the specific questions that i have: Current setup: PC Specialist custom laptop 4k 15.6 inch screen (scaled...
  37. T

    [SOLVED] Stuck at 30Hz on 4k monitor

    I recently bought a 32" Samsung 4k monitor (Samsung UHD UJ590), and I just realized I'm only getting 30Hz refresh rate at 4k, which is difficult to use for work and impossible to use for gaming. What is my best route to getting 60Hz? I know my monitor supports 60Hz at 4k, it's in the manual. My...
  38. H

    Trade macbook pro 2017 for a dell xps 13 9370?

    I have a dual core i5 macbook pro 2017 8gb ram, is it worth trading it for a dell xps 9370, I will also pay an added £100. I am worried as macbooks are more realiable and the dell xps has never had issues aparently and is mint condition. I am a computer science student so 16gb of ram and 512gb...
  39. P

    [SOLVED] MSI Optix G24c 2160p

    Hey guys, I've had the Optix monitor since last summer and am trying to get it back to settings I used to have it at. I know it's a 1080 monitor but I HAVE been able to get it to run at 2160p before, at 60hz. But I am unable to do so now. I went under the AMD Radeon Settings because I have...
  40. kcolburn580

    [SOLVED] 2080TI with Good Specs But Under performing in Games

    I've had a 2080TI since it launched but my games fps has been incredibly inconsistent and typically under performing comparing to the expected results. The latest example is I was trying to play the new Resident Evil 3 Remake last night in 4k and I didn't even have all the settings maxed and I...