Pls help, I am a bit scared

Aug 10, 2019
So, lately in my region I have noticed that little power outages happen for a split second, so fast they can only be noticed because the light flickers, but my pc keeps running no problem. After a bit of research, I understand this happens because there is too much power usage in the region and it needs to get stabilized. However, today I was trying to play videogames, a typical day for me, but this time, that brief power outage was a bit longer, for about a second, and my pc closed mid-game, then reopened. Usually, when a power outage happens, I immediatly unplug my electronics so I can plug them later after the power comes back on, safely. But this time I could not do anything. Then, after an hour, I assumed it's fine by now and tried one more time, and it happened again, same stuff, pc goes off, then back on, all thanks to that damned power outage thing. I checked with my friends, it is not a problem from inside my house, they had it too. I know that most of you will tell me that I should get an UPS but that stuff is so expensive here.... I really cannot afford one right now, and I don't know what to do, and I am afraid of losing my new pc by any means because it is not even 1 year old... I do not have problems with data corruption, checked that already, but I am afraid for my hardware. What should I do? Is this a dangerous thing for my pc (hardware)? Should I be worried if it only happened for today?


Jul 2, 2019
Well, a UPS or a surge suppressor.

The UPS will keep you up and running even if the power were to go out (for as long as the battery lasts, anyway) and conditions the power spikes, too.

A surge suppressor will, at the very least, prevent damage to electronics from a power spike. These don't happen all that often at a level that would fry electronics, but if I keep mine connected to one anyway, and definitely would if I lived in an area where power irregularities are a constant of daily living.