Powerline only connects to one of the options of the modem

Apr 24, 2018
I'm not very knowledgeable about networking, but I'd imagine this is pretty basic. The router connected to the pc in my house has two ports. We'll just call it "USER1" and "USER2" when you want to connect to wi-fi you can see both. I have a powerline for my desktop downstairs because my wifi was SO unstable. When I'm connecting to wifi I can chose either user1 or user2 connections that the router provides. I REALLY want to use user1 because it's faster and has quicker mb/s download speed....saw this while using wifi. When I disable wifi and utilize the powerline (recognized as ethernet via windows network control center) it only allows me to connect to user2...it does this automatically and doesn't give me an options to switch nor disconnect from user2.....

i've tried forgetting this network via wifi before i transfer to powerline.

Simply put, I can't connect to user1 only user2 when i go to my powerline....why or how do I switch to the other section?

Phillip Corcoran

You seem to be confusing WiFi with ethernet.

With dual-band WiFi equipment you get a choice of connecting to either of two wireless bands, one of which allows for faster data transfer than the other.

When you use powerline adapters you are not using WiFi at all because they are not WiFi devices. You are using ethernet which obviously does not have a choice of two wireless bands. Ethernet has only a single connection which is (or should be) faster than either of the two wireless bands anyway, so I don't see why you're complaining.

Run some speed tests to compare the two wireless bands with ethernet/LAN, you should find that ethernet/LAN comes out on top for bandwidth:


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