Question Printer is wrinkling and also folding corner on top right paper when I print from tray

Jun 12, 2019
I have a Canon imageCLASS 5770 all-in-one monochrome laser printer running on Windows 7 that I bought in 2006.

I had always used Canon and Staples brand toner cartridges, and it was fine. Last year I used one discount cartridge from Amazon, and it was also fine. I recently just tried two separate SpeedJet discount cartridges from Amazon, and that is when I began to have problems after printing a few hundred pages.

Printing from the manual feeder is fine. But occasional pages from the paper tray started wrinkling when I printed them, and toner was spilled on the top left corners of the pages and sometimes the top right corner too. So I cleaned the rollers, just above the printer tray, and in the cartridge area, and wiped up all the toner. I also cleaned the outsides of the toner cartridges themselves with isopropyl alcohol and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth. And I cleaned the paper pick up area in the front of the tray. This worked for about 10 pages, and now it is always folding the upper right corner of the page and sometimes even printing askew with wrinkled paper. One time the paper was torn and left partially in the tray. I hear the paper wrinkling as it is near the toner cartridge.

The paper I use is about 6-10 years old, as I was able to buy reams and boxes cheap from Staples back then, but it always has been fine.

Again, printing from the manual feeder is perfect, other than toner stains on the upper paper corners.

Is this problem the discount toner? I have tried two cartridges, as they came in a two-pack from Amazon and the same thing. Or is it the paper?

Or is this the printer? Did I damage the rollers by cleaning them? The Canon manual doesn't tell you how to clean them (but HP does) except it says be careful not to touch the delicate pins on the side. by the toner cartridge.

Should I just go ahead and buy a new all-in-one laser?

Thank you.


Purchase or borrow some paper that meets Canon's specifications from other sources.

Run some tests with that borrowed paper.

That old paper may have degraded to some threshold condition to where it can no longer be reliably "processed" by the printer.

And I have some concerns about 13 year old rollers - they may no longer be up to par. Do the rollers look glazed and feel hard? Planned obsolescence may be kicking in...

Overall, after 13 years that printer served you well and you got your monies' worth.

If nothing brings the printer back then it is time for a new printer.
Jun 12, 2019
Hi, thanks so much Ralston18!

I just tried the same paper on my HP LaserJet Pro p1102w, and it works fine. Plus another brand of paper also crinkled on my Canon. And, it my old paper worked fine on the Canon until just recently, so I am thinking it has to be the rollers (or the toner?). The paper would not just suddenly go bad in a few days after using it fine for years.

I think I am going to buy the Canon imageCLASS MF424dw all-in-one monochrome laser printer from Costco for $199. They double the 1-year warranty and also include a free ream of paper. From all my reaearch, this seems to be the best laser all-in-one for my price range (<$250). It does not need a drum, and also has a relatively low 2.7 cents per page cost of printing.

Let me know if you know of a better one! Thank you for responding so quickly.