Question Problem with Asus Z97K - Random shutdowns


Oct 19, 2016

So i have been having this problems for some time now. At first it was no big deal, and I have not give any attention to it. But now it is going out of hand. It randomly shuts down everyday. Usually a couple of times continiously. But sometimes it works with no problem. It is frustrating, since I am editing videos or work and it just shuts during editing. It does this also during other work. Web browsing and so on.
I have already changed the power supply. Changed the RAM, and also the graphics card, but it still did not fix the problem. I also send it to repair, and they said they did not find any problem and that they can not help me. But it all sounds like there is a problem with the motherboard.
Now i am getting a bit desprete, since i have a lot of open projects that i want to finish (End of the wedding season).
Does any one have a solution? Or does anybody know if there can be something else wrong, besides the motherboard. Would greatly appreciate it.

Asus Z97k
Graphic: Nvidia 860gtx
Ram: Kingston Hyperx 4x 4gb kit DDR3 (now changed to corsair 2x 8gb)
Ssd Sandisk 240gb + 2x 5tb WD Red

Thank you


Oct 19, 2016
The power suply is:
Chieftec A-80 Series 750W ATX,
I have tried changing the power supply with a new one: Chieftec ECO Series 700W ATX
But the problem still remain.

No, there is no problem with the overheating. I ran a stress test, and the temperatures were normal. Also at the service, they found no problem with the overheating. So there must be something else wrong.


Mar 15, 2018
Install an external PSU voltage monitor readout display for the 3 main voltages : 3.3V, 5V and 12V.
The monitor MUST be connected to power points inside the mb, as the PSU has been replaced effectively removing this from the list of suspects.

What i'm looking for, is a bad motherboard power connector pins with cracked (dry) solder joints, because of thermal cycling. A very common problem on recent motherboards as this pwr connector has NOT been design upgraded for years, despite higher and higher power consumption during the recent 15 years.

Any - any ! - discoloring of the connector block will hint you to such a problem, but the external voltage monitor display will prove it.
You may even try an even so slightly touch on the connector to look for an unwanted reboot.
Sep 23, 2019
i am having this issue too. have
Asus Prime B360m-A
i7 8700
GTX 1660 TI
2 SSD´s
EVGA Supernova 850 G+ (850W Gold)

at first i tried to update every driver, then tried to look at pc temps but they were solid while i was playing games or whatever. then i swapped my old HDD i had from my old pc for SSD. i had it just for windows.. then changed power supply because i had some 750W evga bronze psu and i thought there might be problem, it was working fine 2 weeks than suddenly i got 2 restarts in 3 days and then nothing again. then i looked at my m.2 SSD cause its happenning only when i am playing games and most of the time games that are on m.2 SSD. i checked it, it is looking good. like i am planning to swap this m.2 SSD for standard one but idk if it is going to help. GPU is working very good at around 60 max 70 degrees so there cant be problem so i think in my and maybe your case it is mobo. i also had problem with my ethernet port coming from mobo. it was stuck suddenly at 10mb/s. fixed it by buying pcie x1 ethernet card.

Also when i was installing ethernet card i had problem with getting it in cause there wasnt a big space between mobo and those IO covers (i mean metal covers u take off when u want to install GPU or ethernet card or whatever). At one poin i thought i saw mobo touching some part of it, some part of case.

Can it be problem with possible mobo/case shorting. i can look at it if there is actual contact but not sure but can be. i can always pop out those metal covers to try if it helps. sorry if it doesnt make sense but i am newbie in pc building but want to fix this issue