Hi guys, ill try to make this quick:
Im having a nightmre of a time trying to find out how to play my old broodwar game on my hdtv. Problem is simple: The game screen is bigger than the tv screen, so its possible to get with the mice outside of the screen. In a game so demanding at high levels like this one, its simply unacceptable.

I have tried to change the scaling (game is 4:3 formas, tv 16:9), or even negate any scaling (game is originally 640x480 fixed resolution). No matter what i do, the game will go full screen mode and make extra areas outside of my tv screen.
I even tried to change the settings on the tv, making the screen smaller (tv driver) but when i turn on broodwar, it ignores it and fullscreens again.

I really dont know how i could fix this problem (using HDMI connector), dont know if DVI would work (just thought of it now).
Any help would be great.

GTX 560 TI, Lg HDTV.


Aug 10, 2011
Sounds like might be an issue with your TVs natural overscan. You can try a VGA port if TV has 1 and see if it is any better, otherwise I would suggest checking the TV manual or a support site for the TV and see if there is anyway to adjust it's overscan rate.