Problems with an external hard drive. PLEASE HELP!


Jan 17, 2012
Hello,I have a Western Digital My book external hard drive formatted for a mac which I have had absolutely no problems with until the usb port fell out. I took it to my local computer repairs place thinking it could be re attached but it was impossible to fix. The IT guy told me that they would give it a new casing but now he says that they have scanned it (I don't know why they needed to scan it) and that the drive is empty.

How does 1tb of data just disappear??

Have I got any chance of getting these files back?


They probably "scanned" it with windows. As the file system is different it would not appear to have an readable data.

Truth to tell you agree when you give them stuff for repair that data loss is acceptable. Standard trading practise.

You may find that it is all still there, but if not you have no recourse. to be honest it is very simple to remount a HD between enclosures. You maybe give it a try yourself next time.