Question Problems with computer (Possibly PSU?)


Feb 7, 2017
Hello, i recently bought a used computer for a fairly decent price, however after some time of using it, it simply turns off and if you try to turn it back on, it starts a wierd power cycle (PC turns on an then inmediatly turns off, CPU and case fans spin but stop cause coumputer turned off) and doesn't turn on again. If i unplug the power supply and just plain stop using the computer the PSU recharges? (don't know if that statement is correct, but it kinda does in the sense that if i unplug it and not use it for a while the PC turns on normally and can be used for a while untill it turns off again and it starts cycling). The specs are the following:

CPU: I7-7700K
GPU: GTX 1070
RAM: 16GB Corsair ram DDR4 3000mhz CL15
MOBO: Asus ROG Maximus IX hero
STORAGE: 1TB 7200rpm HDD and 500gb Samsung 870 SSD
PSU: EVGA Nex650g

Reasons i believe the PSU may be faulty or the problem in general
-All the components are rightly recognized, which to my understanding means atleast CPU, GPU and RAM are not dead.
-Gpu still works since for the little time i can use the PC, games run normally without any performance or temperature issues.
-Ram rightly seated.
-All cables rightly connected.
-CPU still works since PC boots.
-All 16gb of RAM recognized and working.
-CPU and GPU temperatures normal, no overheating.
-It seems wierd to me, that like i said, the PSU seems to "recharge", in the sense that the longer i dont use it, the longer the PC lasts on before turning off.
-Motherboard RGB always stays on, even when the computer turns off or starts to cycle, which gives me the hope that the motherboard isn't the issue.
-BIOS and CMOS both reset and cleared multiple times
-Dont know how well motherboard temperatures were doing, but motherboard since quite new so i dont think its overheating.

I have a really cheap power surge protector, and there was a power surge that same morning that the computer started to give me problems. The day prior(when i first got it) i used it for a long time and it didnt turn off. That is another reason why i think the PSU is the problem, however, the first time i got the PC, it went for about a whole week without being connected to power since that is about how long it took for it to ship to me. So maybe since it went so long without being connected it lasted a real long time or maybe it was the power surge that messed it up. I have no idea really. Although that only tells me if the guy who sold it to me didnt tell me about the problem or if it was my fault for not having adequate protection.

Dont even know if this "recharging" concept i've been mentioning this whole post is even important or relevant to the problem but i still found right to mention it a lot, since it might be a telltale sign of a dead PSU, really dont know.

So my hypothesis is either the motherboard has problems or the PSU has problems, any advice? maybe its another thing i didnt notice, Should i buy a new PSU or am i screwed big time because maybe motherboard or other component has some other problem?

All help is appreciated.
Hi there,

I think you've answered your own question :)

Yes, things are pointing to the PSU. Your current PSU was a pretty good one. I suspect though it's 5 years or older, and the warranty has run out. It's likely it is in it's last throws of use. Defo look at getting a new one. I'd advise not to use the PC until you get a new one. A dying PSU 'can' take out some hardware with it, if it goes with a bang. But that's unlikely too.

You could get a Corsair RMX/RMI/TXM, Seasonic focus plus gold, EVGA G2/G3 as suitable replacements.
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