Question Professional Webcam Streaming/Video-Editing Build

Dec 5, 2018
I didn’t want to revive my old thread asking a similar question several months ago (because my needs have expanded…), so I’m here to ask for help again building my rig.
I’m looking to build a system that can handle:
  • Intensive webcam streaming needs: My work requires I stream my HD webcam to as many sources as possible. The more sources, the more potential income that I can make. However, please keep in mind that quality is also a factor, I need to at least be in 1280x720 HD ~30fps on all sites (5-6 minimum sites, but the more the better!). Currently, I have trouble streaming two or three sites well, nevermind more. I get constant complaints about how laggy my stream is (I have a very high upload speed on my internet and a brand new Nighthawk modem, so I’m fairly certain it’s my computer…it is at like 90% cpu, lol).
  • I’d love to be able to actually open my messages tab on these often bloated websites that my work requires while streaming. Currently, I have to use my phone to do this (off wifi).
  • I’d love to be able to read a website, do my college homework, or edit my videos while I stream (seriously, the luxury…). I cannot imagine watching TV (streaming), and sometimes even streaming music affects my webcam feed. This is really frustrating. I might as well just shut down the cams altogether if I accidentally click on Microsoft Word or something and it begins to load. Depressing.
  • I use very intensive apps such as OBS, Photoshop, GIMP, OpenShot, and do tons of photo and video editing, and these programs don’t always run optimally right now, even on their own.
  • I use a professional Blue microphone, if that affects things. Also, I intend to have a dual monitor setup so I will need 2 HDMI ports.
  • I have $500 saved, figured I would probably be spending around $750, but if you all believe I should save more, I can wait and do so. I would prefer not to, as it costs me money not be able to perform my work at full capacity in the meantime, but I also don’t want to settle or wish I had waited for better performance.
  • I was previously recommended a Ryzen 5 or 7 system, but as I’ve gotten more into videoediting and increased my # of sites I’m on, I am not sure if this is still sufficient for me. Thanks so much for the help, I really appreciate it!


$500-$750 for a full build without any reusable parts from your current system for all the tasks you need? You seem to be missing additional "0" from $500 for such PC.

Streaming benefits the most from multiple CPU cores, including hyperthreading. Here, Threadripper CPU would do best. Video editing, especially video rendering needs a lot of RAM, 32GB minimum while 64GB is preferred alongside powerful enough GPU (min GTX 1660 Ti, while GTX 1080 and up would be preferred) to reduce the rendering time to more bearable waiting time.

Here's also a good in-depth article about building streaming PC at different budgets,

With the money you have, your best option would be building 2nd PC with capture card, dedicated only to streaming, while still keep using your current PC.
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