Question Programs switching to another display after sleep

Sep 9, 2018
Hi, I have a problem that really bugs me, sometimes I put my PC to sleep(manually), and after waking up all the programs switch to a different screen(not the primary screen).

Not sure if that is the actual reason, but it would make sense to me that because my second screen is waking up much faster than the primary screen, it moves all the programs to that screen(which kinda makes sense generally).

The thing is, it really bugs me and I don't want this behavior.
Is there anything that can be done to change that(besides dumb solutions like don't put your PC to sleep etc..)

I thought of writing a script or anything similar to do that, which I don't think should be too hard to do, but maybe there are other easier ways before that.

Any ideas will be appreciated, thanks.
I have a similar situation with the displays, but not open software being moved.

As far as I understand it, and what the graphics card manufacturer told me, graphics cards cycle through the display outputs. The display waking up first is because it is higher in priority when cycling through. If this is the case, then a solution would be switching the functions of the two monitors. Not ideal if using different displays, of course.

As far as the open software going onto the other display.... that sounds like it's a driver related issue, though I can't confirm it.