Jan 29, 2010
Hi all,
I just got the replcement psu today(jeantech 1000w modular,very good one,gr8 reviews etc) after the first one died after only 2 months...and after only 2 hours of use..this one has died aswell...??!?!?
i have an e8500 and a 4870x2 which this psu should easily be able to handle. i noticed that one fo the cores on the 4870x2 wasnt working properly,i assumed as google hinted at that this was drivers problems(my mobo can be a bit fussy with its pci lanes too sometimes depending on how far ive oclcoked the fsb etc)...
anyway,the damned psu died on me,again..so i thought,wtf,ill try my old 700w easycool pile of cack,and though it got v hot and didnt like it at all,i still managed to use the pc for a good hour or so ...(i had too blown a decent 700w psu whilst waiting for the rma last week,which previously had managed 2 8800gts in sli fine...i turned on the pc,and the thing died there and then)...
to put it bluntly..i simply dont belive that 2 high quality,brand new psu's with 1000w(quad rails 80% effieicny)should be the sole culprits here.. is it possible to anyones knowledge that a gpu can,for some reason or another go nuts and draw way to much power?wouldnt that blow the gpu then??
the jeantech 1000w was working beautifully for 2 months,pc was faster etc etc..and then this...what possible explanation could there be(ie help :p !).. i dont know whether or not i should ask for a refund(i got a very good deal from a powerseller on ebay,he has so far been kind enough to replace the one,but i think 2 will be pushing it,and if the 3rd went,he'd rightly tell to go abuse myself) or buy another brand...something tells me that something is damaging the psu though,and i can only think that it must be the 4870x2?? is that possible?
I found this review:

It doesn't give me a lot of confidence. The power ratings seem to be unpublished.

I'd try to get my money back and buy another brand. You seem to be in the UK, so the good U. S. brands are probably going to be expensive.