Question PSU reecommendation for new graphics card

Azmain Iqtidar

Aug 10, 2019
I am going to buy an rtx 3060ti gpu. I currently running my system with a 550-watt power supply. Will it be enough to handle the rtx 3060ti card or should I also buy a new PSU?
Antec neo eco 550m 550 watt 80 plus bronze semi-modular power supply

System specs
gtx 1060 6 GB
16 gb ram
msi b360 gaming plus motherboard
While that PSU is not the worst, it is still a low-end unit that is short of the recommended wattage for a 3060 Ti. It is recommended that you upgrade to a PSU that is sufficient for your needs. Ask before buying though. No sense in buying a cheap PSU that is worse quality than the one you have.