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don't want to refresh my memory regarding that thread as i've tried to make a genuine discussion about it
Then if you don't remember that thread correctly and don't want to bother checking, you shouldn't be making such FALSE accusations about the author of that thread nor the thread itself. Period.

If you didn't want discussion about that thread here you should not have made such accusations regarding that thread here either.

Its really simple actually.
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You're quoting a review for Platinum version.
Can't say Platinum version is good,
You know as well as I do that the Platinum versions of ANY platform are going to always be better in 99.9% of cases. Which means that any identical review done by Aris of the Gold version, is going to almost without doubt be the same or marginally worse in all areas. I know, not always, but mostly. Often enough to assume it without evidence to the contrary.


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I'm curious as to how you came to the ranking of the Zalman GigaMax GVII on tier three, since I can't seem to find ANY reviews of this unit anywhere, not for any capacity designation? If you have a source to a reputable review of some kind, I'd be interested in you sharing that. Thanks.