Jun 24, 2012
Okay so i built a system for my friend,He is using an AMD Anthlon 640,8gb ddr3 1333mhz ram 550ti and i got him the corsair 650tx psu i think it is i forget the name its downstairs and the MSI 970A atx it says the CPU PowerPhase is on all 4 LED's,Theres no boot screen or anything no video what so ever.No beep from the speaker and everything is installed correctly.I tested all the parts (Cpu,gpu,ram) in my rig with the ASUS M5A97 and everything worked sooo im going to guess the board is bad? also it didnt come with a cmos jumper...But tell me what you guys think because this is going to drive me crazy.Thanks! :)

EchoOne :sol:

email msi see what bios is on the mb and what bios is needed to boot that cpu. may be the bios is not up to rev that will let the mb post.