Jun 21, 2007
I just setup my new P5E-WS sysyem. I like to control the CPU fan speed by Q-Fan. I enabled Q-Fan and set the CPU Q-Fan profile to Optimal. I found this profile set the CPU fan too low; CPU Fan = 1156 RPM when CPU = 49C, CPU Fan = 1148 when CPU = 48c.

Is there any way to adjust this profile? I would like to raise the fan speed to 1800 when CPU= 48c.



Jan 6, 2008
Hi, I dont know much about Q-Fan controls but you know whats best for fan controls is buying a fan controller, allows you to control your fan speed right off the drive bay... Wont cost much also can hold up to 6 fan speed controls and some come equiped with temp readers with LCD screens it will save you alot of pain beleave me my PC was noisy with 5 80mm fans and my cpu 120mm fan running... considering i have a noisy CPU cooler FS-c77 i invested in a fan controller also if your PC is running hot all you do is turn the little knob on the drive bay and it will raise you RPM's on your CPU fan and all.... Good luck hope this helps...


Jan 18, 2008
Q-fan control is performed by the motherboard using the sensor beneath the processor. However, if your fan also includes a temperature sensor then that will be cutting the fan speed too!
The fan sensor will effectively cut the speed of the fan even more.
If you have both Q-Fan on and a temperature sensor on your fan you may often get warnings about the fan speed being too slow at boot.

In other words, if your fan has a built in sensor then turn Q-Fan off, otherwise you can turn it on.

Don't bother with the fans that have manual speed controllers to the front of your PC (fan knob twiddlers ;-) ) they are a waste of money and expect you to keep an eye on the cpu temp all time.

Hope that helps.

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